Competition Prep and Cycle Log

So I’m coming to the end of my 8 week bulk on Test/Primo/Mast and transitioning into my 9 week cut into my mens physique show.

I have gained 13lbs in total over the 8 weeks which I am happy with, I wasn’t expecting to blow up due to the compounds I was using. Im currently sitting at 202lbs, the heaviest I have ever been, in contrast to my first show where I was 158lbs on stage!!!

I will keep the same compounds and add in some Var and T3 towards the last 4 weeks.

For people experienced with T3, how long do you usually run it for and what dose? I’m thinking to taper up to 50-75mcg, as I will not be using Tren I dont want it to eat into my muscle.

Diet wise, I will start at 3000cal, 50/35/15 carbs protein and fats and go from there.

So the cycle would look as follows:

175mg Test/wk
200mg Mast/wk
800mg Primo/wk
50-100mg Var/d in the last 4 weeks
50-75mcg T3/d in the last 4 weeks?



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I’m eager to watch, good luck for the show

Out of curiousity is there any way to compete on faaar lower doses? Because I’ve always wanted to compete but I’m not willing to use high doses of anything.

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Thanks man.

Do you not think my doses are very low? Compared to other people I think my doses are micro doses, except the primo. That shit seems to be side effect free.

You can definitely compete in mens physique at lower doses yes, if you have the right shape.


you can always compete naturally, there are plenty of good federations out there who drug test.

my first and only show was a natty one, I too did physique and on stage I weighed in at 171lbs, currently sitting at 230lbs. what are your stats SB? best of luck and I’ll keep checking in as it’ll be interesting for me to learn what tweaks you make closer to show day.

I would but I’m on TRT, won’t exactly pass the drug test haha (federations here do prohibit TRT, I looked into it). I don’t blame em tho, fasting and crash dieting into oblivion tanks natty T, thus TRT on a massive cut should help one preserve some fullness/muscle mass that would otherwise be unobtainable naturally.

Natural shows are an option too, although they’re not as recognised.

I’m 5’10, ~205lbs, probably 12-13% BF. If I can hit the stage at 188lbs I’ll be happy, that is a 30lbs increase from my first show. Currently a 32" waist, which usually drops to ~27" after a cut.


Very nice indeed! How are your lifts? Is this your first non-tested event?

I have a question that is a little off topic, do you use HCG? I’m looking into it for myself but the guidelines that I see don’t really cover blast and cruise phases.

Good luck sir, very interested to see how this goes for you. I’m also one that feels low dose AAS is the way to go. I have no choice because that’s all my doc will prescribe but honestly I’m in the best shape I have ever been at 37 on TRT doses with some mini blasts mixed in.

To be honest I don’t lift heavy anymore. I used to have good numbers on the big 3 but I have so many injuries now that I don’t use heavy weight or go for 1RPM. I have lower back issues most likely due to hip imbalances, knee issues most likely due to calf imbalances or hip also and 2 months ago I tore my pec which was pretty serious. Had no use of my arm for a month, luckily didnt need surgery.

I try to lift as heavy as possible focusing on the contraction and time under tension.

In regards to the hCG, I initially was using it when I started my TRT to preserve fertility but it was just too much of a hassle to store etc so I just thought screw it and dropped it all together.


I totally agree. I remember my high dose cycles when I was younger, walking around like a fat kebab full of water. Low dose test with some mast and var/eq is where its at now.
Small but quality gains in muscle.


That’s the best way to lift for a bodybuilder, on test E myself I have been getting carried away recently going for heavy lifts but that’s how injuries occur and it doesn’t tie in with my goals.

How old are you? ah right, what did you dose your HCG at? 500iu a week? Do you have a family already? Is that why you’re no longer concerned about fertility? Apologies for the barrage of questions, I’m just curious?

Pics? From where you started to now and maybe even once the cut is done?

I’m 27 and no I don’t have any kids at the moment. I definitely want to have kids in the future, I guess when I get there I will have to try a few things I have in mind. Mainly dropping to a low enough dose of test with concurrent use of hCG or hMG if needed. If not, taper off fully and try to regain testicular function.


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I will try to get some pics up later from when I was 40lbs lighter to now and will definitely put up some pics of the cut.


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Pics would be great but what I’m interested in is your prep the week before. Do you plan on going through carb depletion and water saturation the week before followed by a carb up and water dump? I’m really interested in this process right now and have been doing alot of research on the topic of prepping for shows and or photo shoots

This is my first prep on a vegetarian diet so I’m still figuring a few things out first, how my body reacts to certain proteins. I will be keeping carbs higher this prep as obviously lower carb is difficult without meat. I’ll keep you posted.


Man you have a great taper and tiny waist. I’m only 5’7" and have a six pack yet my waist is 35". I like to stay around 15% BF year round but I can’t imagine getting my waist that small.

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Thanks man. Are you sure you’re at 35" when fully shredded?

I’m guessing you have more of an endomorphic shape?


I’ve never been shredded, just pulled tape and yup still 35”.

Youre getting some nice vascularity too. Those photos are a testament to your hard work. Well done man. Can’t wait for the updates.

@unreal24278 you could look at the IFBB Classic Bodybuilding division. It’s got height related weight limits. At 166 cm, you’d be aiming to be on stage at just under 66 kg, which doesn’t seem to be a long way from where you are now.

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