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Competition Nutrition


Whatusp guys,
My first competition is coming up and I was wondering what foods people recommend to eat throughout the day.
Mainly I'm looking for foods that will give me the most bang for my buck in terms of energy.
Thanks guys!


lots of water and gatorade. I'll usually try to get in some solid food between squat and bench, like a small sandwich. other than that cliff bars and these gatorade pre-workout gel packets.

Basically you want food that's easy to digest and is mainly carbs for energy. and be sure to stay hydrated.




I would echo this as well. You don't want something that is super filling or is going to sit on your stomach. Don't try anything brand new and stick to stuff you know from experience that you tolerate well.


Yeah - I echo the above. Eat what you are comfortable with, and can digest quickly. For my first meet I got advice from candy bars and crap, all the way to ground lamb - both of which could have made me feel crummy.

The key I think is a good dinner the night before, a good breakfast, and lots of fluids. Then during the day eat small amounts along of whatever usually fuels your workouts.

You didn't say if you have to cut water out to make weight? If so, be sure to replace your electrolytes with Gatorade or Pedialyte.


Thanks a lot guys this really helps. Do you guys find you tend to eat what you would normally eat pre-workout?


pre workouts i usually eat chicken and rice (small amounts)

i don't eat that while at meets.

fast absorbing carbs, aminos and some protein.


Eat what you like and digest easily. My typical meet diet is:
Mr. Noodle oriental flavour for the sodium overload after weigh in
Chocolate milk
granola bars or bagel



Give that a read, good thoughts from a respected coach never hurt!

All the best and hit some PRs man!


That was an awesome article! Thank you so much for that, I really appreciate it.