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Competition Measurements?

OKay guys, something that always popped into my mind whenever I’d look at pics from shows (whether natural, or non-tested ones), or even when some younger kid/newbie online posts his pics saying how he’s gonna compete, is how do you know you’ve reached a level of development where you won’t make a complete fool of yourself?

Personally, I have no plans to, but have several friends who do, and I guess after training for as long as I have, occassionally you do wonder (I’ll be a ‘Masters’ competitor if I compete next year! -lol)


ANYONE?! -lol


Bodybuilding is a game of illusion and not acts of completion.
In football the winner is the one who scores the most TDs and so on with most other sports or athletic event or contests.

So your waist must appear the smallest compared to your shoulders, and your legs… that is why small to med bone people looks bigger and more muscled that larger boned folks.

I have 18" 1/4 in arms my son has 16" in arms but he is at a lower body fat % than me and over all look more muscled than me even though I have much larger arms…

So the answer is:
Look in the Mirror and ask your friends if you look “Big”
Then take the plunge…


Lol, I know I know! all an illusion, I just figured some thing to base the illusion on would be nice. MOst of my friends who compete are on gear, so even though I think my stats sound mighty good, I can’t honestly get a reading.


Why not just take some photos of yourself in various BB poses, and compare them to some of the BB’ers who would be in your weight-class?

I’ve seen ALL types of physiques on stage…there really is no universal way to tell whether you’re “stage-ready.” You look great in your avatar…I’m sure you could give it a shot at a show and see how you do (once you’ve leaned out enough, of course).

Good luck to you. =o)


I guess I’ve seen such differing levels of quality in competitors that I dont know what to think. I’ve been to ‘natural’ shows where I’m guessing most of these guys juiced their asses off during their younger/formative years, then as if seeing god, swore off gear and now compete ‘naturally’ (with 20 " arms shredded -lol).

Of course I’ll also thumb through some of the natural contest coverage and see guys that look like absolute shit taking top spots. Again, it’s not something Ive comited to doing, but thought there might be some people on here who could speak from experience.

Thanks though.



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