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There is a competition out in Denver in Aug. and Sept. I am currently training to compete in the one in aug. but thinking that I might be better off in the one in sept. Anyone have any input?


Being that you gave us absolutely no information to go on...

Yes. No. Pass. Pepperoni. 64. Only Twice.

Those are the answers you need.

We don't know you. Post pictures, stats, what kind of contest, what organization, years lifting, what your diet looks like, and anything else you can possibly think that might help us.


I am a converted bodybuilder... I have been training seriously for about 4yrs. I just converted over to powerlifting at the start of the year. At the end of my last lifting cycle, my numbers were:
-Bench: 305lbs.(raw
-Squat: 405lbs.(squat suit&knee wraps)
-Dead: 415lbs.(squat suit)

I took about a month off; between coming home from college and moving out to Aspen for the summer, I've just begun training heavy again. The altutide is something awful to get used to. Ive been out here alittle over 2weeks and its still kicking my ass.

I may be a converted powerlifter, but the bodybuilding diet has stayed with me. Being a culinary extern means long hrs. and few times to eat. I try eat about 7xday including pre and post workout meals. If I do have time i try and eat 2 solid meals on a shift... which is usually 9hrs.

This is an example of a day in my life:

-6ea hardboiled eggs
-1c Grits
-1qt. water
-1ea apple

Protein shake: 50gms whey; 8oz whole milk/8oz heavy cream

-Whatever family meal is at work.

Protein shake

Work out

Protein shake

-Chicken Breast
-1c Grits
-1c Baked Beans
-Some form of dessert

Protein Shake

I train 4 days a week. Usually:
-Monday: Speed Upper
-Tuesday: Speed Lower
-Friday: Heavy Upper
-Sat: Heavy Lower

Depending on what week it is and what my body is telling me is how I decide what movements to focus on.

Usually speed upper consists of a speed bench cycle, tricep, back, and abs.

Speed lower consists of 2 squating movements of deadlift movements. After that hangstring movements and maybe some hips if i have enough energy. Followed by abs.

Heavy days consist of the same format, but the weight is dramatically higher.
Heavier days usually consist of heavier movements such as goodmournings and deadlift lockouts.

I have been training with a USAPL nationally ranked competitor and will be training with the West Point Powerlifting Team.

Any advice would be appriciative.

-Aug 05-06 USAPL 2006 Rocky Mountain State Games - Aurora, Colorado...

This is the competition I am planning on entering.

-Sep 24 USAPL Colorado Mile High Push & Pull - Aurora, Colorado

This is the one I am considering entering in Sept.


What weight class are you looking to enter?

And if you're looking to be competitive start using a bench shirt.

When you're competiting against equipped lifters, you oughta be equipped too.

Unless you're just doing it "for the experience" which is a lot more acceptable than faux bodybuilders doing so.

All we have to do is peak strength and go, no shitty dieting :stuck_out_tongue:

Your workouts look okay to me.


I'm entering at 198. I dont have a bench shirt yet because I currently do not have the proper training and assistance to learn one. SO unfortunately I'm gona have to wait till oct. to atleast use my shirt


12 weeks is usually a good training cycle which whill allow you to peak for a contest. Make sure you take the week before the contest off or take it very easy


So you're training basic westside, ok. I'd be interested to know what your raw squat is, seeing as how your raw bench is so close to your equipped squat.


Raw squat doesn't matter.

But your squat does seem to be somewhat weaker than in comparison to your bench. build those legs and back, a 700 squat is doable by anyone, most people will probably never bench 700.


I didnt say raw squat mattered in competition. I'm assuming youve never read any of my numerous posts in support of geared lifting. But assuming that he's getting ANYTHING out of his suit, a raw bench and a raw squat separated by less than 100 lbs is indicative of either

1) SIGNIFICANT mechanical advantage in the bench probably combined with a comparative disadvantage in the squat - we're talking t-rex arms and a long, long-ass torso

2) a problem with training, either in squat form or squat emphasis


Didn't mean to discredit your opinion or anything, just making note of it.

And you're right. There's a disparity that needs to be fixed on the squat. Mine started going up as soon as I started walking into ME Squat day with the same intensity I used to walk into workouts I really enjoyed.

Now I love squatting.

What kind of squat suit are you using?


Right now the Z-suit. I know my squats are alittle low than what they should be. Blowing out both of my knees made me skiddish to squat heavy for awile. I'm finally busting through that and going ass the grass and heavy to boot. Same thing with my bench. I'd been nervous about benching heavy because of reconstructive surgery I've had done on my right shoulder.

But the past is the past. I plan on getting a phenom for my shirt.


I know for fact the reason his squat is low is due to a mental barrier he had because of his knees. For awhile he would just hit a wall at anything over 315 even though 315 was a joke. Then once the suit went one and he was in the mind set he blasted up 405. As to weakness he still has bb tendencies to not push the hips back first and also breaking the knees first. and ABS,ABS,ABS.