Competition Feburary 3rd, Arizona Beer Bullies

I’m interested in this competition.

Taken from the strongman corporation website:

“On February 3, 2018, “Arizona Beer Bullies” will take place in Phoenix, AZ. Events for this contest will include, log clean and press away, last man standing deadlift, yoke carry and tire flip medley, stone over bar and a keg carry and load series. This will be a level 1 contest.”

Anybody interested in a T-Nation meet-up and placing battle? Men’s weight classes are <175.5, 175.5-231.5, and >231.5. I will probably end up competing as a light weight, but I’ll have to see how things go.

Regardless, it would be awesome to meet up with some like-minded people who I’ve interacted with online.

Make it your first competition!

Show me your veteran prowess!

Come talk crap and have a good time!

I am in no way affiliated with this event, but it’s close enough to home with some events I’m interested in trying.

I wish you & any other potential competitors the best of luck, it sounds like a fun comp. But I’m afraid AZ is a wee bit far for me to come in 2nd place.

Then come to win, boss.

Oh, rest assured I’d leave it all on the field man, lol, but ive got more work to do.

Truth be told though man I would only fly for nationals, which I aim to one day. Surely you’d be there too.

Maybe I could have a chance in 5+ years and a lot of overhead progress.
This contest is a good blend of events to let me display my strengths and also hammer my weaknesses with the preparatory training. Carries I think I can do decently, a deadlift from a standard height (especially if I can hitch) could go reasonably well as long as a transition back to conventional pulling goes well. All my best pulls at the moment have been sumo.

My last experience with stones was miserable. I’m hoping to get my home gym set up soon, which will include a stone of steel. Probably won’t be ready in time to get in much training for this contest, but hopefully will allow me to progress for future shows. A log as well will be a great tool to have, and hopefully will allow me to put in the work necessary to progress.

Yeah you’d need to work on the overhead, hell in TX I think the state record for the axle is like 305lbs in the 175 class!

But there is only one overhead event usually, and I think your lower today strength would carry you far in a competition. For reference, the guy who won my last comp trap bar pulled something in the mid 600s

Fingers crossed that at some point I’ll figure leg drive out, and i won’t need my upper body to progress :wink:

Mid 6 on high handles?

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Yes sir!