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Competition Drug Testing

My question is are these shows all tested. Are there non tested shows where they won’t ever test you. Or no matter what are they going to test you if you win. I am just curious to the rules and how it works. It seems to be confusing some say there are non tested events.

All bodybuilding shows are drug-free and drug testing is mandatory. Good luck.

so basically all the pros and national level competitors just figure out when the half lifes run out and they will be clean. Im just thinking about doing a show I dont want to do a natural show and fuck some one over who is actually natural. I just am curious as to how do competitors pass the tests who are obviously competing against only people who are on the juice.

Generally if its a Tested/Natural show you will know. They generally make it CLEAR whether they test or not, if nothing is metioned generally there will be no test.

I get what you mean… I was just noticing that the npc nationals drug tested… Im no where near that level but It just got me thinking how do they pass those tests. I have a feeling that experienced trainers are the ones that maybe tell them how to pass the tests.

Also i got to thinking If the mr olympia is tested and both ronnie coleman and dorian yates have admitted to using steroids during theyre careers how do they not get theyre placings revoked like lance armstrong did. Maybe they just look the other way I really don’t know but i would guess that at the mr olympia they would just because they don’t need negative press. I mean the last guys i can think of who got caught was jay cutler and shawn ray. Its just confusing to me. I guess i just need to ask a top competitor but nobodys gonna want to answer that type of question.

Is this thread real life?

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
Is this thread real life?[/quote]

It’s the internetzzz, everything is real life.