Competition Diet, 12 Weeks Out

This is the information of the activities currently taking place prior to competition, There are 2 months untill i have to start cutting for competition in april, I’m here waiting for information to build up a very precise diet in order to acheive maximal results…I believe being a endo morph in the past has a huge impact on the diet i need to build. as ive been working out my physique is along the lines of an endo-mesomorph. hopefully this can help you figure out what i should be eating prior to comp.

basic information;
-first competition is on April 13th 2010
-currently in balking phase week 4.
-weighing in at 241lb’s
-height is 6 3’
-body fat is currently at 12.7 %

  • body type = endo mesomorph
  • age turning 21 as of january 28th.
    -training period = 3 years consistant
  • currently a personal trainer at goodlife fitness

( I am highly bodely kenesthetic, it will explain my spelling errors haha)

meal 1 -
1 large banana
1 large 12 grain beagle
4 tbsp. 100% natural peanut butter
2 scoops 100% whey protein
75ml egg whites
1/3 cup organic oatmeal

meal 2 -
1 cup brown rice
1/4 stalk asparigous
1/2 any color pepper
3/4 pound of extra lean beef

meal 3 -
2 scoops 100% whey
1/3 cup of organic oatmeal
1/4 cup almonds
125ml egg whites

meal 4 -
same as meal 2

meal 5 -
2 salmon fillets
1 large sweet potatoe
1 avacado

post workout - 1 large banana
2 scoops 100% whey protein

meal 6 -
2 scoops 100% whey protein
1/4 cup almonds

notes; -The eggwhites/organic oats/100% whey is all mixed together with 500 ml of water.

  • I made it a habbit to drink 6 litres of water a day.

Needs; I am currently training my hardest for the first competition i had ever done, the competition is being held in london antario, OPA the league is called.

My reasoning for posting this was for many of the great trainers on this site to give me the best information possible for dieting when it comes to the 12 week mark prior to competition.

I would love to speak to a trainer baesed on my specific needs, I Will be a professional body builder, and posting this will hopefully just help me for my first competition.

Please, I will appreciate it, any more information or photos requires i will be more then happy to supply.

2 months until you start cutting for a competition in April? I’m competing April 17th and I’m starting my prep Jan 1st.