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Competition Coming Up

Hello all,

There’s a show of strength competition going on at my college in about one month and I’ve been steadily gaining weight on all of my lifts but actually putting on weight has been eluding me. I fluctuate between 158 and 153 and more often I’m on the lower end of that scale.

So this is my question.

For my size I’m pretty strong, nothing spectacular I think I’m putting up:

185 Bench
250 squat
300 deadlift

I wear a weight belt for the squat and deadlift but that’s it.

Now my weight class is 164.9lbs and below and I know there is no way I can get up to 164.9 in a month.

I’ve been using just a basic workout program that’s loosely based on Westside for Skinny Bastards while throwing in like two vanity days, tues and thurs, working arms and shoulders. I’m also very active playing rugby so I have plenty of cardio, which is probably hindering my bulking process looking back on it.

The easiest lifts to improve I think would be my squats and deads but I’m still going to try and hit 205 with my bench so my goals for next month would be:

205 Bench
285 Squat
350 Deadlift

Should I still maintain my program that I’m working right now and marginally gain weight probably at like half a pound a week if any or should I maybe try to cut back on my weight so I can use the wilkes formula to my advantage and take back some hardware?


i guess you must be talking about a powerlifting competition. as far as bulking goes, i’m not really in any position to advise.

check out the strength sports forum, there’s several threads on how to prepare for a meet, including more than just the training. i’m going to be whorish and point you to a thread i started called “first pl meet in 6 weeks”, a number of experienced lifters gave me good advice on all sorts of stuff.