Competition coming up - Advice

I have been away from the gym for 2 weeks now due to illness/work commitmentsand now have 14 days to get ready for a comp. Any advice on how I should train for the next two weeks? Obviously my previous training has now gone out of the window.

Cheers for the help in advance

At two weeks out most people would be basically done training. Not sure what to tell you with the information provided, though.

Maybe try what you would like to do on your second attempts. I wouldn’t fool with any accessory work, and I wouldn’t try too much in terms of volume. If you are worried about having lost any strength in the illness, do your openers, then decide if you want to take on the seconds.

week one - grind hard, triples and singles
week two - maybe a couple singles early on in the week and then take it easy later

minimal assistance work. since you have not been in the gym lifting the big 3(or 4 or whatever you do) will be enough

thats what i would do