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Competition Bulk and Cut

So guys its time for next bulk and cut.

I have only been off my previous cycle for about 6 weeks but I do not have any more time to stay off. I have roughly 18 weeks till my show so a 8 weeks bulk transitioning into a 10 week cut is on the cards.

Wk 1-4= Test Prop 260mg/wk
Wk 4-8= Test prop 200mg/wk
Wk 1-18 = Test E 100mg/wk
Wk 1-8 = EQ 600mg/wk (frontloaded with 2000mg)
Wk 1-18 = Masteron Prop 100mg/wk

Wk 8-18 = Primo 1000mg/wk
Wk 8-18 = Test prop 200mg/wk
Wk 8-18 = Mast Prop 150mg/wk
Wk 8-18 = T3 dose tapered up to 75mcg as needed.

HGH throughout using 100iu over 21 days in a pulsatile fashion shot IM not subQ.
Nolva at 20mg EOD.

Im currently at 90kg, 2kg down from my last cycle so not bad. Want to bulk up to at least 100kg (220lbs) before cutting to ~94kg lean.

Do you guys think 15lbs of lean muscle is doable from this cycle?


I dunno man, 220 is a lofty goal. I’ve been doing this so long I’m lucky to gain 5lbs on a cycle. Nothing in your cycle is a particularly strong bulking compound.

Hey man thanks for your reply.

Im also maybe edging towards a recomp instead of a bulk and cut. Now tren would be ideal here but I also value my hair so its a no go.

Maybe if I ditch the EQ which is what I’m considering and aim to be the same weight I am now or abit less but leaner would be more feasible?


Yeah that seems more feasible. Or screw with your libido and add some NPP in their in place of the EQ. I agree about the Tren, its one of those things I havn’t tried myself yet. I don’t do well with Deca so I’m just too afraid. Although if I were a competitor I might roll the dice and use some Cialis for awhile.

Ive used deca in the past and had erection problems for a very long time. Nothing helped, no matter how much cialis or viagra i used hence why I’ll never touch any nandrolone again.

Still got a week or so to decide. My only other option is orals but probably not worth in terms of actual keepable gains.


I think you should stretch out the EQ. It is a truly dual purpose compound. Your 8 weeks of bulk isn’t going to get you into the good time with EQ. If you run it the whole time then you can lean mass gain for the first bit. You will be loosing fat during this time so if you only do a caloric deficit for 6-8 weeks at the end then I am willing to bet you will be very close to what you want. Remember with you going for lean mass then that new mass will help you burn more calories throughout the day. So as your gaining you will actually be increasing your fat burning per day. Otherwise using EQ to bulk in an 8 week period is just not enough time.

I will say I have always been wary of deca but last year I finally did a NPP run, I liked it. I gained and burned fat. I did not notice any libido or erection issues. I really think the issues tied to Deca is from that super long ester allowing small amounts to stay in the system for up to 18 MONTHS! Supposedly they are better at attaching to the penile tissue vs test so even a tiny bit will mess you up. Yet you don’t hear about the issue with NPP.
Tren, really is a commitment and I applaud you staying away from it because you are not 100% comfortable with the idea. So many guys just say fuck it and run tren without any proper knowledge.
If you could find it and get it then DHB/dihydroboldonone/1-test would be a good thing for you during this period. It’s like weak tren or strong primo. I really see it as “sensible and reasonable” tren. You get the wonderful copious dry gains, you burn fat, and as a bonus you get this extra look to the muscle. Like you are walking around at a 3/4 pump with a flex going. The muscle fiber just looks fuller. It gives me the night sweats, not like tren but I still sweat. If you are sweating in your sleep then you are burning fat in your sleep, supposedly.

Is the mast prop going to work at 100-150 mgs per week? Or was that a typo that was supposed to say every other day? Actually your numbers are odd, like 100mgs of test e per week? Was that supposed to be 1000 per week? Test prop at 200-260 per week? Was that supposed to be every other day?

For myself I know that when I get two DHTs together I tend to get some extra fat loss. Your primo is sort of in the DHT family but really it’s DHB or the reduced version of EQ with a methelation added (along with an ester). That and the masteron should equal good fat loss however that mast dose is low. I really don’t see mast doing much at that dose. Most reported low end doses for mast are around 400 mgs a week and up. Now you are using prop but still. I know I run 400mgs per week of the mast enanthate and it adds a level of definition. At 600 per week I have this weird thing happen where after I engage and use a muscle then it won’t relax. Like if I do a dumbell curl then when I try to lower the weight I have to use my tricep to push the weight down against the bicep that is still contracted. That only happened the one time when I also had some winstrol in the mix.


@now_i_care Firstly, thank you for your detailed reply.

I never thought to run the EQ through to the show, I just thought the appetite increase would be detrimental to the cut. I can’t imagine cutting while being as hungry as a horse. However, gaining the lean mass will help during the cut too you’re right.

So considering I have 18 weeks, what would you recommend? A 10 week lean bulk and 8 week cut?

Unfortunately I do not have access to DHB. I am shit scared of any nandrolone’s because even now I am still not the same as I was pre-Deca use and its been about 6 years. I have considered NPP but never had the balls to do it, and since I’m on TRT, I will never have the balls anyway until I use hCG so I guess its out. I have heard of Deca dick with NPP on a few forums while I was considering to use it.

Dont get me wrong, I have used Tren in the past and my hair was fine. Tren is an animal in every regard. But I did attempt it last year and at a tiny dose my hair falling out in clumps so I wont be going there again until I’m genuinely bald.

Ah yes my dosages, none of those doses are a typo. My usual dose on TRT of Test and Mast is ~120/80mg respectively. So a 150mg dose of Mast is slightly higher than TRT levels and I can certainly feel it. I may go to 200mg a week but again, not keen on hair loss.

The 100mg of Test E is my TRT dose, I add prop in as a “cycle” or on my blast. I used to use just Prop for TRT but I felt I got too many highs and lows so I added the Test E just to keep levels constant. So my total dose of test will be around 300mg, 100+200 (E + prop) and for me thats high or as high as I will go with an aromatising compound.

I very much believe in using as low dose as possible to achieve the results I need, I’m at my biggest and heaviest now and I’m using the smallest amounts of gear but for slow and steady gains. I can’t imagine using a gram of test, I’d go crazy mentally lol.


Do you get a big appetite from EQ? I know I sometimes do and sometimes don’t. As long as you are eating clean you should be ok. However of you run it and this turns out to be one of those times where you have an appetite then drop it at week 13 or 14, it’s long half life will get you to the “official” week 15.

Given that you are going into a competition then I think this next part is just for you to think for later. The supposed “trick” to running deca or NPP is run twice as much test or run it with a good dose of a DHT. There is supposed to be something from the DHTs that counteract s the nandrolone. For the two times test rule I believe it works because the test is a lot better at binding in the important tissues. Those guys with long term issues usually are also suffering long term suppression, you don’t have to worry about that because of TRT. In theory if you keep the deca dick from happening on cycle then if you are TRT you are good to go. I am sure there is a healthy dose of bro science in there but I will say I ran my test higher than NPP with a DHT (winny it has anti progesterone activity) and there was never any issue on my run. If you know people that had issues on NPP see where they ran their test and if they had a DHT in there. It might open a door for later.

Have you ever had hair loss with the masteron? Have you had any hair loss besides the tren? I know when I have any two DHTs in my stack I burn fat at a higher rate. If you end up dropping the EQ because of the appetite at week 13 then maybe some low dose winny added in would help. Really the masteron should help keep you from loosing any lean mass when you go calorically deficient at the end so an extra DHT would just increase the fat burn and be extra insurance to keep your lean mass. Since you have hair concerns then I would put Proviron and winny on the table for you to think about. They are both oral so if hair falls out then you can just stop using them and they will clear your system in hours.

I am a fan of the slow and steady approach. I use it mainly to allow time for the tendons to keep up with the muscle.

The last time I used EQ was for about 4 weeks, and yes the appetite increase was crazy. I was literally ALWAYS hungry no matter how much I ate. I only ran it for 4 weeks because my skin tone quickly got much darker than it is and was raising some questions. I think this time I will donate blood every 4 weeks to prevent that from happening.

I am currently already running proviron at 50mg ED. I can certainly see some water retention from the increased test dose, I usually am very dry.

My hair is always falling out so I can probably attribute that to the low dose Masteron during TRT hence why I’m not sure about trying to increase it. Saying that, I had a crazy burst of hairloss from 80mg of Var per day which I ran while waiting for the Primo to clear my system.

Will definitely give the winny a go towards the end of the cycle, I will also probably drop my test to a TRT dose when the EQ kicks in, I want to remain as dry as possible throughout my lean bulk.

Also, just thought I’d post my macros, I’ll be on 3500 calories, 200p/500c/80f. That should put me in a 300 calorie surplus.


So i have front loaded of 2000mg of EQ this week. To reach peak levels do i go to 600mg next week or to 1200mg then 600mg?


Just thought I’d update this thread.

3 weeks into my bulk, I was 3kg up yesterday but back down to normal weight so hovering around 90kg, however I am looking leaner. Im not expecting a huge gain in weight as im not running anything ‘wet’. Just a nice 1 or 2kg gain in weight with a loss of bodyfat will be good for the bulk portion of the cycle.


Keep me posted if you get any of the rumored anxiety effects from EQ. I plan on trying it later this year. My only hesitation is that I’m a naturally anxious person (and medicated for it) so it gives me a little unease. Test only isn’t doing it for me anymore.

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Im in the same boat. Naturally an anxious and slightly paranoid personality hence why I no longer do Test cycles, that shit makes me unstable.

So far so good with the EQ, i used it last time and never got any anxiety either so I should be good this time too.

I’ve found the only way for me to “blast” now is to run non-aromatising gear with a small trt dose of test (ranging between 120-200mg, the higher end is not TRT).


@Singhbuilder there’s some evidence that high doses of testosterone (circa 500 mg per week) are effective in treating depression. No idea if there are any studies on anxiety, but if it disagrees with you, it’s probably better to avoid it.

I’m curious to hear how EQ affects your anxiety too.

Funny you say that. The only time my anxiety goes away is when I’m blasting 500mg test a week or more. It just goes… I wish I could maintain those doses because my quality of life is much better.

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Just thought I’d post a little update.

Im currently 4th week into my test and EQ cycle. No weight change so far but I do seem to be filling out and also getting slightly leaner.

I have slightly lowered the EQ to 400mg/wk and started Primo at 700mg/wk. So current cycle currently is the following:

200mg Test
400mg EQ
700mg Primo
50mg Proviron ED

The EQ seems to be kicking in now, appetite and vascularity is up as are the pumps. Excited for the coming weeks.


Lookin good bro!

Have you ever compared proviron to mast? And if so any noticeable differences between the two?

Thanks man!

This is the first time using proviron after always using Masteron and I can say my libido has been really good.

For me, masteron gives a harder look to my muscles that proviron doesnt, however proviron definitely helps libido more than masteron. @zeek1414


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@blshaw @alldayeveryday

Please see above for an update. Im on the 5th week of EQ now. Cant say its had a huge effect so far but then again thats not what EQ is about.

Hunger is definitely up, as is endurance. Weight is still the same at 200lbs although bodyfat seems to have decreased slightly. This sunday I start my cut so lets see if I am able to maintain or gain some lean mass as the primo starts to kick in the coming weeks.


An update.

Currently week 2 into the cut, down 3lbs and looking noticeably leaner. Strength and endurance is still good.

170g Protein
425g Carbs
70g Fat

200mg Test
500mg EQ
800mg Primo
50mg Proviron ED


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