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Competition and MAG-10

Hello all, I recently did a cycle of mag-10. I was stuck at 170 and eating 3800 cals. I have always been natural. I increased cals to 4500 and i gained 11 pounds in two weeks. Needless to say I was quite amazed. Now that i saw that this can be used to also preserve muscle i was thinking of using it the last four weeks in my contest prep. I mean i am natural but never enter all natural shows, they are always NPC non tested shows. Im curious if anyone has used this supplement to get ready for a show and what were the results. I guess my biggest fear is the water gain. As I did drop to 177 after the 2 week cycle. Telling me i had 3 lbs of water i was holding some days more. Any thoughts or experiencese would be great. Snacks

I’d say go for it. Just cut it out one week out.

I thought about cutting it out one week out, but then you have to worry about the drop in testosterone, and possible increase in estrogen, which would cause water retention as well, and possibly fat accumulation or at leat halt the last week for any potential to lose a bit more. Plus what i like about the mag-10 is the hardness of the muscle. If i do it i would not come off till the day after the show, then take M and trib. ANYONE ELSE USE THIS FOR A SHOW. Thanks snacks