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Competing without BREASTS


I have done some research, ok, I’ve done a lot of research on competing. Aside from affordability, I am finding it hard to understand what competition is for females with a lack of breast and no desire to obtain artificial breast. Are female physiques, void of breast, unattractive?


A young guy speaking here, so the other point of view: I indeed find a female body void of breast not attractive in most cases. A “harcore” figure athlete is too wiry and overall to manly for my taste. There is a large gap between being fit and being a stringy dude with excessive lordosis and no further hint of chick-ness.

On the other hand, I’m not sure where you did your research. If I google “figure athlete” I get the T-nation girls…and I think most guys have some stiffness going on before finished seeing the first 10 girls. A lot of them have ungodly genes or implants. A fair few don’t seem wiry or manly, just pretty hot.

And I know most people change their bodies for their own pleasure, and not some elses, but may someone try to look better for the other gender: too extreme is just that, too extreme. Most guys want to be bulkier than most girls like them. Most girls want to be thinner than most guys like them. For me, the ideal female physique on the moment is fit, but far from a figure athlete. Zara Larsson nails it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tD4HCZe-tew


I appreciate your point of view. I do not think most guys would admit this to a women’s face, but this is exactly how I believe most first impressions go. Yet, as you noticed about the images that resulted from your google search, most of the girls will have implants. So I am more curious if you would still find those same girls attractive, less the breast.

Example of Zara Larsson is a good one, but I ask that you try to see the same body and put just a little more definition of muscle on her arms and chest, the breast look similar, but without the bounce in the cleavage area. That bounce, cleavage, and lack of shoulder structure I think is what makes the difference between femininity and giving some, like yourself, a manly impression that ultimately turns you off. It’s insanely hard to build your body without building chest muscles and eventually losing most of your breast.


as an old guy here Zara Larsson looks weak i find weak unattractive
if i walk by you and you look like a woman you probably look good to me
if i walk by you and got to think about it ,is that a man or woman to far, in my opinion


old wise man once told me many years ago when i was a young caveman
there are three kinds of women
the kind you look at
the kind you go out to play with
the kind you marry
first one is appearance based 2nd one appearance with enough brains so she won’t embarrass you in front of your friends 3rd one personality based


I imagine a more muscular Zara now. I think more definition is going to be a little too far for me. I like a little softness going on, a bit of fleshy warmth when you hug. Bounce is a good indicator of a bit softness.

Cleavage is an important one, not so much the size however, although it still matters of course. Most important are form (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2764717/Kelly-Brook-s-beckoning-breasts-scientifically-perfect-says-plastic-surgeon-Study-finds-34-year-old-s-boobs-ideal-proportions.html) and feel (medium-dense I guess). If you nail the form and density (the pencil-test), everything form from B to E and prolly outside of that range can be very attractive.

Much shoulder structure is not something I’m a fan of too much, same as a lot of muscle definition. Men are made to store less fat and have more muscle, so most of the time look better really lean with more muscle. Women store a bit more and be a get less muscular on average, so look better with a bit more softness and less definition.

Figure athletes without the implants would be far less attractive, although I think most girls would look better (naked) with more natural looking, smaller breasts. Fake-ish looking implants still beat no breast for me in that case. It’s a dillema when a girl want to be very fit indeed. You earn something, you lose something. Men have a far better position.

Do you consider taking implants, if I may ask? Where does the curiousity come from?


I guess as a younger guy, I fall like more stereotypical features. Raging hormones;)
I have a more nuanced vision on female bodies haha.

Great piece of advice. As a young boy, I find it hard to swallow for now: Won’t the girl I marry with also be the most beautiful to me?
As an example: last week was the semi-national party week down here. Lots of drunk people of all ages and dressing up. I saw a goddamn shitload of really pretty girls. Never even knew so many hot girls lived here. Very alike I noticed, but exactely my type in looks: lean, freckles across the nose (some freudian, I-wanna-bang-my-momcomplex I assume), weakish chins, tip-tilted noses, blue or green eyes. Shallow basterd I am.
And even then, I flirt, I might dare a kiss, yet I don’t really care. I like how they loo love some flirting, but ultimately don’t care about them if they reject me. Happens all the time.
But then when I fall in love, it’s ussualy not with the hottest girl because she is the hottest, but she gets the loveliest to me. They feel like a challenge, we can laugh, and make me feel uncomfortable in the best way possible. They are still hot tho hahaha.

Aren’t looks your ticket, and personality the ride. I’m not getting on the ride without a ticket first. But just because I got a ticket, doesn’t mean I’m gonna enjoy the ride!


You really covered all the bases very well. I have fantasized about how I would look with implants, but not seriously considered it. I have an extreme fear of surgery, and do not really want to alter my body with something artificial. I actually cried on the table when my Gyno was placing a block in my Fallopian tube so i wouldn’t have a 6th child. My tears came out of the emotion of changing what was a natural gift to me. That’s how important it is.

I’m not looking for C or D cups, I loved my A’s when I was a muscular, yet somewhat soft, naive 20yr. old. But now my cups are barely there, I’m a lot more mature and muscular, and I think I just feel like I deserve to have fuller boobs. And with what I have accomplished over the years, specifically my bodybuilding achievements, I hate that I couldn’t even compete without the implants, and I do not plan on building more to put me in the higher level comps that do not require implants.

I would consider it if they had a safe way of recycling body fat from other parts to put into the breast. I’d gain 50lbs for that:laughing: And honestly, if i had the extra money to just throw around, I actually may seriously consider it, aside from the fact that I hear the recovery sucks, and I would be worried about what’s going on in there for the rest of my life. I watched a video of 63yr. old women getting hers removed after 30+ years due to health issues and doctor recommendation. Seeing how the body bonded with the implant made me reconsider.

But I am always curious about how people really feel, because I think most will not admit it. Thank you for your honesty.


You don’t need to thank me for being honest. Somebody with the guts to open up, deserves nothing less than a honest anwser to that.

Indeed, I heard a lot of concerning stories about breast implants. Mostly leakage issues. I recall not every type is evenly dangerous. If you don’t feel good by taking implants, don’t! Everytime I did something I sincerely felt would be bad for me, and really bad, not just scared, it just fucked me up. Maybe it’s just some Nexus-effect/Friday the 13the mental trick, but it seriously worked that way for me.

I can totally see boobs disappearing after 5 kids and active training. No shame in that. If your guy stays with you, you’re hot enough for sure. If your man thinks your hot, you pretty much have enough evidence for me that your hot. That isn’t just defined by two bags of fat hanging from you chest.

Be confident about what you have, that’s hotter than you can imagine.


Hi there! Interesting discussion. One thing you might be interested to know, working the chest does not shrink your boobs. Breasts are filled out by fat. Reducing overall bodyfat makes them smaller. Just like any other area of the body, working the muscle in that area will not spot-reduce fat. The same goes for the chest. The reason some women look manly at showtime is because it’s not that different a structure underneath. Also part of the reason some figure competitors look like they’ve got 2shrink-wrapped melons on a slimjim is because their body fat is low for the show. Their implants likely look far less obvious at a higher bodyfat. Dana Lynn Bailey has an interview on YouTube where she shares her insecurities about competing without implants. If I can find it I’ll post the link. Keep on working your chest ! You’re not shrinking your boobs. I promise!:slight_smile:


Here’s an excellent article pertinent to this discussion. https://www.t-nation.com/training/breast-implants-for-girls-who-lift


Different strokes for different folks I guess. Personally, I don’t care if a woman has an A cup or DD’s… for me attractiveness lies in the waist/hips and that “classically feminine” shape. Then again, most guys fall into the “tits” or “ass” category… and I’m a “hip” (and waist and leg and tummy) man. I guess that has it’s advantages (never have to worry about being caught oogling boobies). :stuck_out_tongue:


When competing implants do help a muscular female look feminine and more proportionate. I was debating when I meet my fitness goal about getting Implants. I am on the fence though because I couldn’t imagine working out top heavy. I think it would feel awkward especially not having a big size to begin with. Maybe my booty can make up for the lack of cleavage and when wearing normal clothes be thankful for Victoria Secrets magic!!


If we are talking just in general; from a man’s perspective (and to each his own) a strong looking set of legs and a fit rump are more appealing than boobs…

for whats it worth…carry on now


If you do consider implants please do research. I have had them since 2005. Shortly after I started feeling ill in many ways. Someone on FB recommended a FB support group where there are over 7000 women there who plan or have had them taken out. Many women get sick. THey post pictures of their implants that the dr has taken out and they are full of mold.
The problem is it costs as much or more to get them taken out as it did to put them in.

Just do research before you choose.


If you want to compete, look into different divisions’ judging criteria for a particular category. If you just want to look good, feel good and enjoy training then I’d advised functional training mixed with training you want to do for aesthetics. Refer to my “Isnt It Scary?” Thread in the Off-Topic posts for a bit of a rant on this


After watching a friend go through competition, I learned that what you see on the stage and the weeks leading up to it is very different than what you see in real life for the competitor. During that time they are usually on a non sustainable diet to get to as low of a body fat % as possible, and they are tanned out of this world (probably not a problem you’all have :grin:). Neither male nor female athletes are at their peak attractiveness at this time.

As far as breasts, at that low BF% women with small breasts look like small man pecs, implants look like baseballs trying to pop out. IMO they both are unappealing in and of themselves, but are meant to be one part of the whole. A few pasta dishes later & they’re all back to normal lol.

Getting in good enough shape to even think about cutting down like that, a little confidence, and a sweet spirit will make just about any woman attractive.