Competing Physique Summer 2012

Here it is, I am going to compete in my first physique competition this July and need to keep a log for motivation, support, and tracking progress. I just returned from a year abroad in Seoul Korea in August and have been making incredible progress ever since. While in Korea I lost a lot of weight due to the lifestyle their (walking everywhere, expensive food, and pressure to be thin) and was able to get some shoots for a clothing company, this motivated me to get into fitness modeling. When I came back I was a solid 185 but certainly need more mass at 6’0" to fill out my frame. In the last 4 months I was able to train and eat my way to 200 land.

Here I am going to post my what I training, nutrition, and use it as a diary to look back at to see what is working and what has not on my road to physique and fitness modeling. I would also like as much advice as the tnation community can dish out. Thank you all for reading, and happy holidays.

12/24/2011- Wanted to make sure I got in today and hit chest heavy, hit some pullups, abs, and some sled pulls, because with tomorrow being Christmas I am not sure if I could

Focus 1: Chest & Pull ups

  1. Incline barbell: 135x10, 155x7, 185x5, 195x5, 195x4

  2. Flat dumbbell press: 70x10, 80x10, 90x6, 100x3

  3. Weighted dips: Bwx10, Bw+60x6, Bw+60x6, Bw+60x6

  4. Weighted pull ups: Bwx7, Bwx7, Bw+25x4, Bw+25x3.

Focus 2: Abs

  1. TRX Body saw to failure

  2. TRX rollout to failure

  3. TRX hip drops to failure

Focus 3: dragging bags- I work as a fitness specialist for the navy and have access to all the great equipment on the naval base that employs me. One I really like to take advantage of is our pavilion where we do all of our Group X classes, it has a plethora of equipment like TRX, Med balls, and just about anything else you can think of except a sled. What I have done to mimic one is by taking a thick rope and wrapping it around the kickboxing punching bags that have the water in the base. It is not perfect but it works pretty well.

  1. Forward pull: 30 Yardsx2

  2. Backwards pull: 30 yardsx2

  3. Bag chest press: 30 yardsx1

  4. Bag row: 30 yardsx1

Todays macros so far:

CHO- 206G

FAT- 52G

Protein- 96G

Total Cals- 1621

Still have to eat 2 lbs ground lamb with vegetables should put me where I need to be.