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Competing on HRT



I found a great powerlifting club and I really enjoy training with the guys at the gym. That said, they keep getting on me about competing but the problem is they're affiliated with USAPL. Obviously being on HRT would pose a problem...

Are there any federations/divisions I can compete in that would not disqualify me for being on HRT? I don't want to tell the guys I train with as I feel it's a personal thing.

What would you do?


You may look on powerliftingwatch.com and see what feds have meets in your area and then look up their rules. I don't know if USAPL makes exceptions or not based on Dr prescribed testosterone or not.

Depending on how you feel about it, you could also just compete and just hope you don't get tested. Technically cheating tho...


Thanks for the tip on the website. I'll go check that out and see what I can dig up.

As for cheating, no thanks. It's not in my character and to be frank, the humiliation of being caught far outweighs the risk. Granted, my dosage merely put me in the middle of normal for men my age, it will still metabolize and show in my urine. While it's not really an advantage per se, it's not worth embarrassing myself in front of these guys.

I'll pass...

Anyone else?



Just so you know, that is THE place to look for meets from Federations you may compete in. Powerlifting watch is pretty much the go to for that kind of thing. I don't know if anyone in the TRT section is really going to know what Feds allow what. You may be better off posting in the PL forum and asking, or heck, even in the steroid forum as those guys may know which ones are tested/untested.

Good luck!


Thnaks for the info coolnatedawg.