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Competing Next Year. Program Advice?


Im gonna start 5/3/1 in the new year and trying to figure out a program a need some advice on what i have layed out so please give some advice were i might be on the rong track.

Monday- Squat
Squat 5/3/1
Squat 5 x 10 50%
leg curl 5 x 10
crunches 3 x 20
leg raises 3 x 20
side bends 3 x 20

Tuesday- Bench
5/3/1 Bench
Dumbell bench press 5 x 10 50%
one arm row 5 x 10
incline bench 4 x 8
barbell curls 4 x 10
dumbell curls 3 x 8

wednesday- 30 mins cardio

thursday- Deadlift
5/3/1 deadlift
deadlift 5 x 10
front squat 5 x 10 or squat deaload percentages 3x 5 - 10????
barbell row 4 x 10
abs same as squat

5/3/1 ohp
dumbell press 5 x 10
close grip bench 5 x 10
rear delt raises 3 x 15
tricep push down 4 x 12

please help out as i really wanna start competing sometime next year. Thanks in advance


In strongman? You should do an events day

Also for me I can generally do an upper body day and feel fine for lower body the next day but if reversed I am to drained and need a day of rest after squats or deadlifts. Something to consider


Also thats a ton of volume less is more sometimes! I know id feel like ass doing that many exercises 5x10!


If you're doing 5/3/1, why aren't you doing 5/3/1? It seems like you are trying to do Boring But Big with a lot more volume than advocated.


Youve got WAYYYYY too much pushing exercises, and only 5 sets of rows. Fix that.


I would cut back to three days per week in the gym and then add an event day, and drop the bench pressing as well as some of the accessory work.

Do you have access to any strongman implements? And if not - what are do you live in (may be able to help)?


All Good advice and right on the money guys.


Thanks for all the replies and advice guys. i just wanna really get some strength and size i dont have any access to any equipment also :frowning: what do you guys think i should do with the program i really wanna increase my bench thats why theres alot of pushing i like doing close grip bench press for triceps.


Less is more

if you wanna do BBB then do the one lift afterwards for 5x10 and 2 or so accessory exercises like curls/abs for example


Build up your grip by doing pull-up hangs with a weight belt on. Also, walk around the gym with the heaviest dumbbells they got.

Do front holds for time with a plate.

Do dead lifts with a weight you can get 10 reps with and try to crank out 20 (preferably with a trap bar).

Buy a keg of beer and press it overhead. Fill it with sand instead of water if it gets too easy.

Don't tell me there are no empty bags or sacks you can fill up with shit to do loading.

That's stuff you definitely CAN do to simulate events.

The thing is, 5/3/1 isn't a good program for a Strong Man who doesn't do event training. You need to go HEAVY without much warm-up in order to simulate a competition.

So since you haven't started training yet, I would advise a heavy, simple program of 2 training days featuring the most important exercises for strong man (front squats, dead lifts, curls, overhead press) and actually making an effort to drive a bit to train at a strong man facility (I travel around 3 hours every time I go).