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Competing in Physique in the Fall?

Hi guys!
Recently a few guys asked me if i knew some coaches who would help them get ready to a physique competition, i was amazed, that they are half the size as me and think they stand a chance. I mainly do powerlifting so i never thought about competing, but this got me thinking i might stand a chance in a smaller competition. I’m 21, i’ve been traning in the gym for 4 years now, before that i played waterpolo for 10 years. I’m 210lbs and 6"1’, measured by calipers and navy bf calculator, my bodyfat percentage is around 13 %, i know i look fat and i would need to lose at least 15 pounds. Judged by the pictures, would i stand a chance in a physique competition in the fall, if i diet down? I only had a pump in the bathroom pictures. What muscle group should i give more attention?

i would say you need atleast 10 kg pure muscles first. dont compete just for sake of competing

I think for certain you will need to lose more than fifteen pounds! People REALLY underestimate how much weight they need to lose to get down to 6-7% body fat for a show.

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You’re also NOT fat, but might be over 13%. Anyway, who cares about exact bf percentages? It’s about how lean you look. You have great potential and appear to just be a big guy naturally. But that sometimes comes with having to compensate with a shit ton of muscle to get the most aesthetic look for a tall man.

I agree with Brickhead. I’d say you’re looking at a 30# weight loss (if not a little more) to be show-ready.

That said, I think you’re carrying enough muscle to where you would have an appealing physique once you’ve dieted down, and would not look out of place on stage in the Physique division.

In terms of your weak areas, I’d say they are (in order) upper chest, traps, and triceps. Make sure to focus your training efforts on these.

PHysique competitions love the big V-Taper. So I’d definitely hammer delts, upper back, upper chest,… the usual “big up top” stuff, but stopping short of jacking up your traps. MIdsection looks good, and arms are ok, but more meat on your relatively tall frame would definitely help out.

Many people underestimate how much muscle some of these MPD guys are actually carrying, and at your height, that can blow up in your face pretty badly on stage.

Dieting wise,… easily 25 lbs to lose. Understand that contest dieting goes well beyond every day, and even gym lighting - leanness levels.


To piggyback on what @The_Mighty_Stu said…mens physique dudes are actually pretty fucking big in non contest condition…many of them in the 220-230 range. For you to get to their level of lean, you are looking at a 25-30lb. drop.

They step on stage around 190-205 or so.

I would suggest you spend about 5 years or so putting on more muscle and then reevaluate whether or not you want to compete. This assumes natty of course, half a gram of cyp a week changes the game.

Nothing can fuck up long term gains like trying to compete too soon.