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Competing in Bodybuilding or Physique?


Hey what's up guys. I've come to a pivotal point in my training where I'm mentally ready to compete, but at a cross roads as to which I want to actually compete in. Traditionally I've been training for bodybuilding, but I'm in the military, so no juice for me, which only dwarfs me next to the local monsters that compete in my area(Hawaii). Also seeing as this is my duty station for 2+ more years I can't change this factor.

In summary: BB or PC? Should I continue to stick to bodybuilding or drop down to physique where things are more my size?
5'9" weight 192
BF >12%
Train religiously, have found how to best stimulate myself for growth. As supplemented as can be while still being natty.


A) there is drug tested bodybuilding
B) how are we supposed to judge your potential in bodybuilding with no leg pictures


I'm not encouraging this but just because you're in the military doesn't mean you can't use aas.

You can enter tested shows. No need for aas.

Seems like you'd rather do physique and are trying to make excuses to do so.


I agree that AAS don't need to be an issue unless you absolutely want it to be. Your LEGS, however, are going to be the real decider in which division you might do well at with your current dimensions.

If you feel like Physique is less respectable than Bodybuilding (not uncommon actually), then it seems like you're giving yourself an out. To be honest, while a good number of Physique guys (amateurs as well as some Pros) are smaller than the larger bodybuilders, there are also a good number of them who would shock you with how much muscle they are indeed carrying. And yes, plenty of Physique guys make use of copious amounts of PEDs, so don't think the entire division is clean solely by their lack of monstrous leg development.

Post some leg shots, and I guarantee you'll get good feedback. I say it a lot on here, but in the last few years, we've got plenty of very respectable competitors contributing, and the atmosphere is truly one of supportive commeraderie IMO.
If you ask me, the torso shot you put up speak of a very impressive build, one that I could very easily see turning some heads onstage.



Found some pics of the op in the steriod section where he asked some questions about drug cycles...OP do not compete im drug tested bodybuilding in that case even if you've been off for while .


You can compete in tested bodybuilding if you want.


Based on your legs pic in the steroids forum: physique.


Generally speaking, if you've been 'off' for longer than a year you should be ok competing as a natural in a BB show (regional or lower).
Heck, many of them test only a small number of randomly selected competitors, but if you don't look like a dehydrated stringbean (the natty "look" we all know and love) on stage they'll likely pull you up for a sample/poly.

Your legs will certainly look out of place on a BB stage though...


Not sure about by you, but in the States, at least in the Wnbf/Inbf and Usbf shows I've done, every competitor gets Poly'd and the top placers in every class get to pee in a cup before anyone gets onstage for the evening results.

If you absolutely feel the need to compete in a "natural" show, just check what the actual time span is for substances you may have taken. I've seen guys suffer the embarassment of failing tests, (and still not even placing in the top spot.)



Lol what? Those morals man? No you can't compete in a drug free if you haven't used in a year. Not and be proud of yourself. You'd be a liar. Drug free means drug free


here in Australia we've got guys posting photos of themselves online in THAILAND gyms a WEEK OUT from competing in (and winning) natural shows ... like it's all just some coincidence they happen to be on holidays at the business end of their comp prep in the cheap steroid capital of the world.

but somehow these cheats come up squeaky clean.

makes me sick