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Competing in April Naga Tourny


My trainer wants me to compete in the Naga tourny that is coming up in April. I have been training less than 6 months. Besides just going to practice is there anything else I should do to prep for this on my own? I am currently doing SS as my lifting routine. Suggestions?


Additional conditioning work is always a plus. If you have never competed(like a wrestling match)nerves and adrenalin dump will be your biggest hurdle. Also if you have only been training 6 months work on your breathing and remaining totally calm. I can't say how much calmness and technique overcome size and strength.

You may also want to work your weakest spots, 3+ months is enough time to improve. Start from being mounted, side control bottom and having your back taken. Escapes, escapes, escapes. Work on holding dominant position, submissions will eventually come.


I competed at a NAGA after 3 months of training. I lost every match, but it was a great experience.

I recomend drilling one sweep from guard, one submission from guard and one submission from top non stop until then. Also, learn to defend the Americana, that's all the beginner level competitors know how to do.

good luck.


Yeah I used to be a wrestler when I was younger but I quit that because of nerves lol. God only knows what's going to happen this time around. I will probably throw up. I usually like to pull guard and roll. I feel the most comfortable on my back. When I get the mount I am like a fish out of water! I know that's weird.


Then I would pull guard and work from there. Do what is comfortable to you.


I would train movements, get good at a few certain things, and know your escapes. Get your cardio and conditioning down, I wouldn't worry about lifting from february to march. I won the NAGA in dallas in the blue belt welterweight gi division.


Gogo, if nerves are an issue for you try the calming breathing technique I learned in a book called On Combat - breath in through your nose for a count of 4, hold for 4, breathe out through your mouth for 4, hold for 4, repeat.

Good luck in April & let us know how it goes!


Follow your coaches advice as far as technique goes..He knows you and your skill level better than any of us do so follow him hes who got you there. Now as far as conditioning advice I would suggest looking on Youtube.com for a workout called the "Magic 50"

Im the Strength and Conditioning Coach for a MMA team in Charlotte NC and we do a shit ton of grappling tournis (Were actually doing the bud cup next sat.) I ALWAYS boost our guys stamina and endurence with magic 50 3-5 times per week pre fight, it keeps everything loose and it helps alot with grip strength and overall cardio and endurance.

Obviously technique and skill play a massive role in Combat Sports, however if you are too weak to do the technique and your too tired nothing matters.

Here is a link to the school that I teach and fight out of, Bobby the guy on the front page just fought in Boston in Fullforce MMA and won in less the 45seconds, one of his daily workout exercises was "Magic 50" from http://www.rosstraining.com/
Hope this helps and best of luck! Adam.


I'll make sure to do that before every match!

My coach wants me to do the Gi tourny too but I never go to the Gi classes I usually just go to the no Gi classes. O well.

Should I do Yoga? Get a little more flexible before it?


ask rhadi,
how to prepare for a BJJ tournament in 8 weeks


That was cool, thanks for posting it