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Competed In San Fran BB Show.


I dieted 10 weeks for this show and cut from 245 to 222lbs. I took first place in the novice division. Constructive criticsm welcome. Thanks


looking good. great conditioning, need to work on the shoulders and triceps.


great quads, and overall conditioning. your triceps do seem to be lagging behind as far as overall upper arm development.

but other than that great work and congrats


Great conditioning! Torso looks very good from the front, but I have to agree with above comments, delts and tris aren';t up to the rest of the physique.
What's the back look like?


Look great. 222 lbs! congrats, I gave you an 8 even with a crappy pic


u dont look 222 pounds


Well, he could be over 6' Tall.

I'm only about 5'8/5'9, and in my avatar pic (while not contest shape) I was about 205 or so.



fine tune a couple areas already mentioned and throw up some better pics since it's hard to judge as of now, even from the profile pics too.


U must be a tall dude, another ten to fifteen pounds up top and u would be devistating wiht that condtioning.


I am 6'2". I will put some more pics soon. Thanks to everyone, I appreciate the comments.


the height works against you sometimes. But your condition was still great.


Congrats on first place!!! Your avatar pic looks great. Nice veins :smiley: