Competed, Did Horribly. Need Help

I just competed today and did horribly. I missed a 500 squat and 300 bench. I got a bad call on my first attempt deadlift which made me retake it. Causing me to be psyched out and missing my last attempt which was supposed to be my second. I totaled 1,210 with wraps @242 and 17 years old, 18 soon. Since I’m doing so bad, I need to find a coach and I want to start competing with usapl. Should I cut to the 105kg weight class or do something else? Thanks

That’s not a whole lot of information, because a bunch of things could have combined over the last 12 weeks or so to result in a poor meet day.

Firstly, 1210 at 242 and 17 years old isn’t bad. Don’t beat yourself up. Following on from that point, putting a good meet day performance together is a skill in and of itself that takes time to learn. It took me around four meets to get an idea of what I needed to do, and then another two to actually do it.

Secondly, why did you miss the attempts you missed? The reason(s) will tell you a lot about your meet day planning and your prep training. What did the judges tell you?

Some general questions that would help in answering your question are height; how long you’ve been training; your best gym lifts (with video if you have them); and how you’ve been training.

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Was it your first meet? Just putting a total on the board is the best thing you can do for your training, I wouldn’t worry too much. Gym lifts and competition lifts can differ a lot.

As far as the weight class thing, I wouldn’t “cut” for any reason to do with a weight class. If you’re fat it’s probably in your long-term best interest to get leaner, but I’d let your scale weight fall wherever it will. If you’re not fat, just keep training and eating to recover.

  1. You did well. Focus on that rather than beating yourself up and focusing on the negatives.

  2. Don’t panic; all it does is make thing worse. Stick with your program and continue to work at it. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

  3. What would be the purpose of cutting weight?

  4. Logically analyze what you did right and wrong, make corrections and implement them.

As Thomas Edison stated, “Failure means that I rule what doesn’t work and move closer to finding out what will work.”

Stop beating yourself up and blaming other for a missed lift.

Kenny Croxdale

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In my first powerlifitng meet, I got called for hitching on my second deadlift attempt. On the third, I tried SO hard not to hitch. Weight got stuck about 3 inches from lockout, blacked out after about 5 seconds just sitting there yanking real close to the top. Cried in the warm up room after. Now that memory makes me laugh.


I usually just take it out to the parking lot and hide behind a car. That’s what I did when I bombed :slight_smile:

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Just keep working…powerlifting does not get easier. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

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No big deal, first few comps in any sport usually a learnng experience.

Just make sure you analyse your mistakes and work out what you improve to move forward.

Re weight -how tall are you?

I didn’t really hit heavy weight in the gym so at the meet it kinda scared me. Also I got called for downward movement and letting go of the bar too early on my first and last deadlifts

2 years, I’ve been training on a legitimate program for like 1/2 half years and I’m 5’10

2nd meet and also I’m kinda fat I wanna lose some fat so I can clean bulk again and be leaner and stronger

Thank you so much I needed this

I cried when I got home lmao


OK, well just based on that:

  • in the 12 to eight weeks leading up to a meet make sure you hit some heavier triples, double and singles. Nothing insane, but enough to get used to heavy weight. I’ve had good results going close to my second and third attempts, BUT I stop all deadlifts two to three weeks out, last heavy squat around 10 days out and heavy bench seven days out.
  • hold all your deadlifts at the top for a second or two in training, and lower the bar with control. Listen to the commands.
  • yes, lose some fat. You’re about my height and 242 is kind of chubby unless it’s mostly muscle. You’ll probably end up around 180-190 lbs reasonably lean. Then you can build back up slowly.

There’s loads of good advice you’ve gotten, follow it and remember, 1200+ is nowhere near bad. You’ll improve.

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x2 with this, 240 a bit husky 'specially for under 20

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Anything that will make me the best in powerlifting. I want a world record and will do anything to get there. If it is better for me to cut fat, what weight class should I go down to?

Also if I should cut should it be like drop 20 pounds, then gain 5 more and then repeat till goal weight. This is for like strength retention

Yeah, something like that except make sure that when you bulk you gain slowly, no more than 1lb a week or it will mostly be fat and you are already predisposed to getting fat. Some people can’t get fat if they try, others have to be careful or it will happen on its own. You can also just maintain weight between cutting phases and focus on heavy low rep training.

I’m basing this off Mike Israetel’s advice, so if you don’t trust him then you should look for a second opinion. But basically you want to cut for maybe 3 months at a time and aim to lose 1-2lbs. a week. Losing too much too fast means that you will lose a lot of muscle as well, you want to minimize muscle loss as much as possible. Also, not only does cutting for excessively long periods suck but you will also start losing muscle at an increased rate and fat loss will slow, plus you will get real weak. Bulking is the same thing in reverse, bulk for too long and you will just get fat. I would say cut for about 2 months, aim to lose 10-15lbs, then focus on building back some strength for a month or two, repeat if needed. You don’t need to aim for any particular weight class, but ideally you should try to get to about 12-15% bodyfat.

I would aim to cut to 200 and then build back up. Even then you will still have a small bit of excess fat.
Dont ‘diet’ or cut calories below maintenance just train a very high volume of assistance work and really clean up what you’re eating,make sure its 80%+ fresh meat/lean protein and veg, cut out all sugar etc
For maximum strength progress check out Alpha/Brian Alsruhe’s logs and youtube…

Good nutrition tips here also…