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Compete in Figure, Meal Plan?


Hey there, I am really looking for some solid guidance to compete in figure I did a year ago did it all on my own didn't come in looking great at all... but I want to turn heads I know I can! I am 6 foot and have a massive back.

My biggest thing is I trained one time got all messed up with the low calories ect I want to be able to maintain this life style have cheat meals and get back on track and that's what I need is to have a real meal plan none of these lower calorie ones so you have a messed up metabolism...


Look up some Beradi articles


While Dr. John Berardi is excellent in the nutrition world I would suggest checking out Kim Oddo who specializes in female figure competitions. You can even find samples of his meal plans on line. However, you’ll need a plan that is detailed towards your age, height, weight, body fat etc. and for that it would be best to hire a coach in your area who is known for his or her work in competitions. You can also give an online coach a try. I know there are a few on this site as well as bb.com. There’s a lot involved in putting together a successful meal plan for weight loss or muscle gain let alone a figure competition. Hope this helped some.


Ideally you don’t super low calories, there are usually better options providing you have time and are smart about things. I know that I’ve never been a fan of “cheat meals”. Anything that is unaccounted for, or unplanned in some manner has the potential to do worse things psychologically to your prep than just physically halt progress (watch how a cheat meal turns into a cheat day -lol)

While you can probably find some decent general diet outlines or pointers online, nothing will be a plan for your specific needs and variables.