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Compete in Back to Back Weeks?

Anyone compete in bodybuilding contests that were in successive weeks? I’m currently entered for a show on Sept 29 and now I’ve seen there’s another show on October 6.

Part of me feels that I’m already in shape for one, I just roll into the next one. The other part of me feels that once I’m down with the 9/29 contest, I won’t have the motivation to gear up for another “last week” prep for the contest on October 6- from a physical and psychological standpoint.

I probably won’t do the 10/6 contest. My goal is to do my best on 9/29. however, I wanted to get input from the forum community.

You have a couple of options:

1 - Attempt to Peak for both shows

2 - Peak for the first show, roll into the 2nd show with whatever physique you happen to have

3 - Peak for the second show, do the first show with whatever physique you have “1 week out”

I think I like the 2nd option the best. That way you can focus on one show, but still get both shows in. Really, at one week out and one week later you basically have the same physique (except for the water/carb manipulation), so the differences aren’t going to be THAT dramatic in either direction.

The reason I like the 2nd option is because of the mental side of things… If you focus on the 2nd show and do shitty in the first show it has the potential to throw off your game plan. But if you do amazing the first show that might even motivate you to do better the second show.

I would say its best to focus on ONE. In which case it doesn’t really matter how you do in the 2nd show… So I probably wouldn’t pay the money to do it any way. I might do it as a challenge if I had several wins under my belt already, but other than that I think you are just setting yourself up to fail at one of the shows, which might throw off your mentality.

I agree with you Lonnie. I plan to focus on one contest rather than dilute my efforts