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Comparison of Two Recent CT "High Frequency" Programs

Hi CT and others,

I was interested in learning what the difference in results/performance/etc… would be between two very different high frequency programs (6 days/week) you’ve recently put out:

  1. Best Damn, which rotates total body push/pull and relies on intensification of the last set (rest pause, mTorr, etc…) and uses more variety of exercises throughout the week. Sessions might last 30 min.

  2. High frequency barbell workout (posted on ThibArmy) for busy people. This uses an A, B workout rotation, with A being Bench Press and Bent Over Row; B being Dead Lift and Over Head Press. This program relies largely on heavy singles at prescribed percentages, and one AMRAP set at a lower percentage with the goal of getting to 20 reps before moving up in weight. This workout would also be short, probably 30 minutes or so if you factor in warmup and ramp up sets.

My guess is that the BDW would be better for bodybuilding/aesthetic goals, and the Barbell workout would be better for top end strength and perhaps athletic performance. Personally, I find the second option more appealing, as I’m drawn to 531-type workouts. I’m wondering if one could add a bodyweight circuit 2-3X a week (120 push ups/dips, 75 pull ups, 50 ab roll outs) and still keep the frequency of the barbell lifts in the second option above.