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Comparison of Gels vs Injection?

Hello, i have been prescribed Tesogel as a form of TRT and was trying to find out if applying 100mg of Testogel per day (2 sachets) would be more effective or less effective as running 500mg of Test E (injection) per week. Any shared knowledge on this would be great, Thanks.

500mg isn’t TRT, it’s a small steroid cycle, 200mg per week is more than most can handle, Testogel isn’t the best version of TRT by far.

Gels doesn’t keep levels steady like injections, tropicals typically don’t see high normal levels unless on 200mg 20% T cream applied to the scrotum.

are you looking for TRT or to cycle? 500mg is a solid test dose (people usually start cycling at this dose, but to ME 500mg seems insane as it’s like 3-5x natural levels! I cycle on 250mg/wk