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Comparison Dip Belt And Hip Belt

Are Ironmind’s dip belt and hip squat belt basically the same thing? I need to replace my current dip belt and want to get something for hip squats as well, so would I be fine just getting the hip squat belt and using it for squats, dips, chins and calf raises? Or do I need both?

I can’t swear to it having never used either specifically, but I would guess that you could double the hip squat belt as a dipping belt with the daisy chain attachment.

You should get in contact with ironmind they will answer all of your questions fast, they have a great team.

Thanks guys. In case anyone else wants to know:

“Many thanks for your inquiry. The SUPER SQUATS Hip Belt will enable you to
do all the movements noted below (squats, dips, chins, calf) --whereas you cannot squat with the De
Rigueur Dipping Belt. You do not need both belts–just the Hip Belt. We
hope this information is helpful!”

So the Hip Belt is everything in one.

Get the hip belt. I have one and use it for all the exercises you mention. Plus it’s pretty comfortable as well.