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Comparing Lean PLers & BBers


comparing lean powerlifters and strongman(mariusz)to bodybuilders they have the size of bodybuilders but dont have the "ripped" look but both have a ton of muscle is it because the bodyfat levels of the powerliters and strongman is too high to fully show there muscles or is it because of the way they train?because i heard a muscle can only get bigger but it does not change shape is that true?


Is it not changing shape as it get bigger? Or do you mean change shape like a square to a octagon (not referring to muscle)?


lol yes i mean square to octogon lmao..it dosent really change shape it just gets bigger or atleast thats what i heard.


yeah i think after a couple years of training that shape you develop is permanent. You can't change that shape but you can increase the size. I've heard this from Dante and others.

Yeah most powerlifters/strongman are carrying a little more bf then most bodybuilders you see. For one most bodybuilders you see in pics or videos are after they have come back from a show or prepping for one so they'll be leaner. Yet you don't really see as many vids/pics of them in the off season.


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Another thing to consider is that PL'ers aren't really thinking of their training in terms of how it affects their physique AFAIK, so naturally if you were take take a random sample of 10 or so elite PL'ers and diet them down to 8% bf, they would have some glaring weaknesses in their physique I'd imagine.

So if they are triceps dominant (dave tate?), they aren't gonna get shit chest development even though they can bench 585, as their strengths are gonna be the only things getting significantly more developed.


Lean PLers are fucking impressive looking.

Hers my take.BBers and PLers both look badass but im more impressed and prefer seeing both when there relaxed in street clothes.The look of these guys filling out there shirts and being among civlians is what amazes me.


the guy in my pic is a powerlifter and his chest seems pretty huge to me.


what does this have to do with bodybuilding? and why should we be discussing this?


Ugh, you are misunderstanding my post and I don't really feel like explaining myself.. but yes I agree, Kroc is a fucking monster and looks like a bodybuilder.


umm bodybuilding is about physique and this quistion is about physique -.-


Many, if not most powerlifters will look similar to bodybuilders (with maybe some underdeveloped body parts that they do not train much) if they diet down. As an example look at Marc "Spud" Bartley and the work he did with Shelby Starnes (book). Also Justin Harris pointed out that there are way more similarities between powerlifters and bodybuilders than actual differences.


There's a couple differences even if they diet down. Bigger triceps relative to biceps. Bigger ass relative to quads. Minimal calf development. Leaned-out powerlifters still look beastly, though. I think the look is kind of cool, actually. Not as symmetric but definitely powerful.