Comparing Cream and Gel Dosing?

I’ve just been prescribed 60mg of a transdermal scrotal cream, versa base I think. I’m not sure of the strength yet.

I was wondering if someone could tell me how to calculate how much test you get in a cream dose or click.

I was on testogel at 5g 1%, so does that mean I’m supposedly absorbing 50mg per day?

I’ve seen, for example, this 20%/200mg and 1 click (.25?) … how does I calculate this to a daily dose?

I want to make sure my 60mg is a low start, which I think it is.

By the way, the trubalance pharmacy called and 100 syringes filled with a fairly low dose for $100 CAD? Free shipping, too. I’m impressed all the way. From the NP they hooked me up with to the speed it all got done.

@dbossa use to give trubalance the odd shout out, I’m glad I noticed it. If you’re in Canada and stuck check em out.

Lol at me thinking I’d get 100 pre-loaded syringes of cream. I got 10 and each one has 10 doses.

I’ve decided to start with thigh application. About 5 days in and a little more than a week off testogel. Interesting that the odd heart palpitation feeling went away. I read that some people get them on testogel.

Cream could not be any easier. We’ll see how it goes.