Compare Mag-10 and Androsol

I was just wondering if anyone could help me compare the results they got from MAG-10 to those from Androsol. I have now used both. While the gains from MAG-10 were good, I personally felt I got just as good an effect from using Androsol. Can anyone else write in and give their thoughts on this subject.

Were you at a higher LBM when starting MAG-10
than you were when starting Androsol? If so, then a more-effective product could yield smaller further LBM gain.

For me Mag-10 was far superior to Androsol. My best weight gain on Androsol was like 4 pounds in two weeks. With Mag-10 I put on 12 lbs in 2 weeks!

Bill, The thought of being at a higher body weight never crossed my mind. Yes, I was when I started MAG-10. Maybe I am at my limit (or close to it) thanks

I have done 3 finasol and 6 to 8 androsol cycles and so has my son (I’am 44 and he is 23) and to both of us mag-10 was far better, we are on day 6 of being off and he gained a total of 8lbs (2 of them being off mag-10 and I gained 5lbs on and 2 lbs off) and something else that we both notice is that it seems that we are still on mag-10 because the strenght and pumps feel about 80% and this is are 6th day off, has any one noticed this?

There is something I would like to add too, is that our first 4 or 5 days on mag-10 wasn’t a good start. I caught a bad head and chest cold and he drove over a thousand miles non stop 2 different times, so I’am sure that our next clycle will be better. ( we took 1 cap 2 times a day)

I used Androsol and liked it to, but the gaines on Mag-10 almost come effortlessly. I have put on 10lbs in 6 days(from 165-175). I am using alittle more than one serving per day.I love it. And that is with only drinking milk as my protein!!