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Compare/Contrast AD and Carb Cycling

What are the benefits of the AD over Carb Cycling (as in CT’s carb cycling codex) and vice versa?

I’m in a period where my training is mostly upper body as I’m recovering from some injuries so I’m wondering if one of these two approaches would be good for me. What is each best for? Gaining lean mass, cutting, etc??

Also, on the AD, must veggies be cut out in order for it to work properly? If I don’t cut veggies there is no way I could get below 30 g. carbs per day.

Thank you for your time.

I haven’t tried carb cycling, per se, but I am on the AD right now and love it. It is good for putting on mass and losing fat, both. Also, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, and celery are staples of my diet because they all have minimal carbs. These veggies are highly recommended by AD vets. I have managed to put on mucho muscle so far, and I plan on using the AD to lose fat as well. Hope this helps.

Yeah I dont really see why you’d have to cup veggies, I eat them with everything meal, salads, pepper and onion with eggs, green beans with steak, fish with broccoli etc and still get under 30 grs carbs, you dont need to count fiber toward you carb count either.

Thanks for the replies…can you guys give an example of a day of under 30 carbs? I still see just one “low carb” meal adding up to more half my daily allowance For example:

1 scoop protein: 2g.
1 c. broccoli: 4g.
1 oz. nuts: 3g.
2 c. lettuce: 4g.
6 oz. meat: 0g.

That’s already 13 g. in one meal, and I eat 6 meals…

Will the diet still work if I’m eating meals like this so therefore getting in the area of 6*13=78g. carbs??


With the proper veggies, carbs become negligible on the AD because we subtract the fiber content.

Good veggies on the AD include:


I think with 2 cups of cauliflower is like 2g carbs (we call them CHO on the “Anabolic Diet” thread), and Broccoli is ridiculously low too. I’m usually eating at least 4 cups of veggies/day and I’m hovering b/t 28-30g CHO each day (except the 36 hour carb up, but that’s including maybe 18g/day from protein sources. It’s actually pretty easy, after you get used to it.

Carb cycling is a bit easier on the mind. There’s really no metabolic shift, or dipping in and out of ketosis on accident. Most bodybuilders would probably lean towards carb cycling. I have no reason or proof of this, I’ve just yet to meet any bodybuilder in person who was on the AD.