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Comparable Physique, Height Difference

Whatsup guys,

Do you guys have a certain way to figure out at what weight people of different heights have a comparable physique?

A few calculations I tried out were, as examples, I compare Rich Froning (5’9, 200 lbs) to me (at 6’8) and name what weight I would have to have at the same bf% to give feel for the formulas:

  1. standard BMI. At lower heights, you get relatively higher numbers, at higher heights, you will get relatively lower weights. This seems pretty backwards, since taller guys need way more mass to fill out their frames on average. If I wanted to be Froning-esque, I would have to weigh around 270 lbs.

  2. New BMI (first hit on google). A fair bit more accurate. Don’t know how to feel about it right now. I think it might be a good calculation, but it might be on the heavy side. If I wanted to have a sweet bod like Rich, I would have to be just over 295 lbs.

  3. A CT idea: add 5 lbs per inch someone is taller. This might be on the lowish side I feel. Especially when you are getting over 5 inch of difference. I would have to be 255 lbs to look at like the Fittest man on the planet.

Chime in!

I think the CT thing is about right. At 6’8" to look like Froning you’d have to weigh at least 250lbs, in my opinion.

At least 250 for sure. But wouldn’t it be on the low side? I am over 250 for the last few years (chubby, I admit that), and I lack a LOT of muscle mass to fill me out like Froning. I doubt I be as big as him (or look as big) at 265.

maybe ever so slightly, but I bet even at 6’8" if you were 250 and as lean as Froning you’d be fucking jacked

It’s not an exact science, but @BlueCollarTr8n once suggested a rule of thumb for looking pretty awesome: Shoot for 3 pounds of bodyweight (in lean but not ripped condition) per inch of height. Sounds about right, and it’d give you a goal of a lean 240. “Lean” as in seeing ab definition at that weight, but I think BCTr8n originally used the term “all abs in” regarding the leanness.

As example, Junior Dos Santos at 6’4" and a lean 240 in this pic would be slightly over that ratio with a 3.16.

This thread talked a bit about it (but then got sidetracked into a classic “natty vs juiced debate”) and it has a chart BlueCollar compiled showing that many of the old school Mr. America winners, who competed lean-but-not-ripped, were almost all in the 2.75-3 pounds per inch range.

The only wrinkle in this approach is that your height is so far away from the standard bell curve, that the ratio just might not apply fully. So here’s a relevant question: What do you weigh now and how lean or fat are you?

That is a nice idea to think of! It feels very achievable now to be so jacked. Froning is, how much dreaded that is to say on Tnation, not small. Actually, he is pretty big.

I always felt I would look a fair bit lankier at such ‘lowish’ weights.

Awesome reply Chris!

I think @BlueCollarTr8n might be on the money, given you are damn lean. But indeed, I am at the very far end of the Bell curve, like 3σ, (well, where I am from, more likely 2σ).

Dos Santos looks sweet, and is at a weight he still is conditioned AF for a heavyweight most of the time.
At this very moment, I weigh 260. I don’t have my bodyfat percentage tested yet (partly to keep me from crying like a female dog), but if I have to believe the examples found online, I am in the low 20’s.

very achievable to be as jacked as Froning? I wish!

Well, not getting as lean, that would require a hell lot of suffering. But adding enough muscle mass to be (2500.9=) 225 lbs of lean mass when I am around (2600.78=) 202.8 the next 10 years doesn’t seem like undoable. I feel like there is a lot of place to go at my n00by point of the journey. And watching @Alpha helps believing I can be a monster with enough dedicated lifting haha.

Well, optimism and confidence at least can’t hurt, even if it might be a bit too much :joy:

Froning amazes the fuck out of me, along with all the other really high level crossfit competitors. He’s as strong, or at least close to as strong, as me on all of the ‘big 3’ lifts, but absolutely destroys me on the olympic lifts, and he can run a goddamn marathon any day of the week. Guys like him just impress me so much, to be able to chase so many goals at the same time and be that successful.


Yeah I totally agree. To be as good as he is in a single discipline is more than most can ever hope to achieve, so to be that good at so many things at once is incomprehensible

I have a training buddy that’s my height, same weight as me, but looks much closer to Froning than I do. His sleeve length is about 4" shorter than mine. If you look at a lot of those top level cross fit guys, most all have short arms, with their wrists around waist level. Short arms is a disadvantage in most sports, but a definite lever advantage for crossfit. You may be in a situation where at your height, you could be huge and jacked but not look a thing like those guys. CT talks about being your best you…

Using a fat-free mass index comparison is about as close as you can possibly get.

Yes, I heard CT talk about it. He uses the nice phrase ‘a greyhound will never look like a rothweiler’, or something with that meaning.

Froning was more of an example for the given formulas, but indeed, I have longer limbs than most cross fit athletes, so I would have a different physique, even with THAT amount of muscle on THOSE exact places.
It was more that I was wondering how much I need to weight to look around that jacket, not the same way.

Any good recommendations?

I believe there is a system where you take measurments at your wrist, knee, and ankle joints measured relative to your hand size, neck thickness and height. I cant remember the system but based on a set of ratios it determines your ideal lean build.

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Search FFMI formula or calculation on google and you’ll get as many responses as you need.

Thanks! I searched that. Similar numbers, around 217 lbs of lean body mass as a MAX was given, so that would pan out at around 240 at 10%bf. It feels so…small, especially when seeing UFC heavyweight on whom I have 4 inches hit those numbers. Although, I have a suspicion a lot more athletes than we know juiced at one point or another, yet haven’t been caught. I still feel I could eventually get bigger than that to, altough I don’t have much to base that on…

Thanks for the tip!
I do feel like the calculator is blowing sunshine up my ass, because I fall between the ‘excellent’ or end range of the ‘superior’ when I fill in the calc. ( I weighed myself at 260, and if I compare my body to that of bodyfat charts, I fall between 20% and 25% bf, so I used those numbers respectively for the outcome.)

If I have to believe that thing, I am a few pounds of muscle away from a steroid user. And well…I’m anything but a steroid user…or big in the most forgiving sense of the word.

Maybe I have body morph issues, or the calc is not holding up at my length.

As a last thing that crossed my mind, I might have a weird ratio somehow in my body: I had surgery as a kid(11 y/o) to stop my growth. Might have something to do with it, although I don’t yet see how

I think the more likely situation is that your bodyfat estimate is off. Bodyfat guesses based on looks are notoriously innacurate, so without sounding like a douche, there’s a very real chance your body fat is higher than you think.

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