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Compaq Laptop Reviews?

Compaq laptops to be specific…

I was wondering everyones opinions on these, any stories? I’ve always heard their desktops blew balls however, I’ve heard both good and bad about their laptops. I’ve found a compaq that fits the specs I want for a laptop but again it’s a compaq. Any advice. Thanks. :slight_smile:


P.S. I’ve already looked at Dell’s.

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IBM laptops are the best. T40 series.

I have a hewlett packard, and the battery doesn’t seem to hold charge. That, and its slow. So I would not reccomend a hewllet packard.

Dell and IBM are good. IBM is probably the best. They did make the first personal computers after all.

Don’t buy a peice of foreign trash. My aunt has a sony, and it is terrible, and my grandma has a toshiba, and its worse.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that HP merged with Compaq, so any Compaq laptops are now HP . . .

I wouldn’t say that the HP laptops are bad. If someone has an issue with a bad battery, perhaps it’s time to replace the battery . . . ? And if it’s slow, then maybe it’s loaded down with junk or it’s old? Reinstalling Windows is always a good idea when things get terribly slow.

Personally, all of the HP laptops I’ve had for the past 2-3 years have been pretty darn good. The one I’m typing on right now kicks ass. It’s a Compaq nc6220. Lasts forever if I don’t use wireless and it’s plenty fast for me.

I should say that while I am empoyed by HP, I am in no way biased towards their products, except for printers. HP printers rock.

I’m sure that Alienware makes good laptops. VoodooPC, just bought by HP, also makes laptops.

[quote]ftothe3 wrote:
IBM laptops are the best. T40 series.[/quote]

Lenovo makes them now. From what I’ve heard, the new Lenovo laptops are of good quality, but only time will tell.

I just bought a Compaq notebook a couple weeks ago. They seem to have a bad reputation, but so far I think mine is great. I paid less than $500 bucks and got a free HP printer.

If you want a fancy expensive laptop then get an IBM, but it’s hard to beat the value of a Compaq.

True story:

Last week, I went to the public firing range to give the ol’ glock a workout, and about 25 yards out there was some funny trash looking thing laying on the ground. When I went out to put some targets up, I walked over to see what it was.

Somebody had gone OfficeSpace psycho on their compaq laptop computer, but instead of using a baseball bat, there were about a hundred or so 9mm holes in what was left of the poor thing.

Evidently, someone had been less than satisfied with the quality of their computer. :slight_smile:

I was a repair tech about a year ago and I would personally stay away from them at that point in time. As to their quality now im unsure.
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I have a dell and a compaq.

the compaq SUCKS ASS,problem after problem after problem…

dell rocks.