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Company's Biggest Loser Competition


I know I will be cursed for this for violating everything this site represents but....

We decided to have a biggest losr competition based on % of body weight lost, I wasn't interested much till our Chairman offered 10,000 dollars to the person who lost the most. Well next to needing the money I was at 330 (17th of January) and knew I needed to shed off a few.

I kept breakfast to a medium portion of fruits (cantaloupes and grapefruit)
no snack
Lunch 1 or two protein+ green salad
May be a protein bar
Dinner usually some salad and tuna (if they serve it at the mess)
Lemon water all the time

For excercise I do around 90 minutes of moderate cardio before dinner

Oh I forgot to tell you I live on a mine site where there is no other food other than the mess.I have been on centrum, Lipo 6x and L-Carnitine. Bought me some ECA to arrive this week.

Well a now a month after I lost 30 pounds mostly fat (3 point caliber)
The competition end weight is the 31st of March
The end goal here is to drop the pounds not BF%
I am looking to cut another 40 pounds in 6 weeks
For who will ask the question currently at 20.75% BF

ANy advise on shedding the pounds?


I'd look into what boxers/mma guys do the weeks going into the weigh in for a fight. With how big you are, you could probably cut another 30 no problem.


diuretics? you could probably drop 10-15 pounds of water weight, maybe even more


Body will adjust to anything given time (starvation diets included). Make sure to throw some sort of bump/recalibration day in there to keep your metabolism off guard.



Thanks Matty and Stu

I am planning for an 18 hour fast on Sunday followed by a McDonalds Binge (1 Meal) but would probably be like 2 supersize Double quarter pounder with chease meals+ 2-3 double cheese burgers

I am a big boy I know.....
I am planning on going like an MMA guy last 3 days with Sauna, Lasics, no food+ 600 ml of water a day

40 more pounds is the target


Hey Guys,

   Just a quick update, lost 4 more pounds since my post here first time under 300 in a long long time



Quick update 289lbs and starting ECA today at 50mg E 400mg C and300mg A
all sneeking in 2 servings of Lipo 6

Competition deadline March 31st I hope I canreach 264 by then
I am still on 1.5 gallons of water a day with normal salt intake
last 4 days before final weigh in plan to be on minimal food (greens) + 1 liter of water a day with zero salt


I would drop the aspirin to 100mg. Chop up the tablets if needed. It's really the most redundant part of the ECA stack and should be dosed accordingly.

Also, eating more lean protein day in and day out will help you shed more fat that your outlined starvation diet coupled with the occasional health-wrecking McDonald's binge.

It seems like what you're doing has been working well for you so far. However, your health should always be a top concern.


Thanks for your advice DTH

Forthe Asprin point taken and agreed
For the Lean protein it's very hard to get my hands on as I live on a mine site, but I can definitley add a protein bar pre workout and a protein shake post- workout
The McDonalds binge makes me feel like absolute shit afterwards but I would appreciate advice on what sort of cheat meal could be better (PIZZA may be?)
I know that but USD 10K is a lot of money and the competition is fierce :slight_smile:

Anyways the day this comp ends I'll cheat big time, then stay on a maintenance diet for 2 weeks then begin bulking and weightlifting hard


ECA kicking in like crazy, I feel like a furnace for God's Sake.
Even when I tough my waist which used to be much colder than the leaner parts its now warm


Yeah, if you can get your hands on some decent pizza (I dunno who delivers to mine sites) that would be better. There is no excuse for putting McDogshit into your body.
However, you mention that you're all in for the money. So if you really want a shot at the title and the 10g you need to ditch the cheat meals altogether in lieu of more protein bars and shakes. Now with the ECA kicking in, your energy levels should stay high enough with them.


Spot on mate.
Cheats are hindering but may be I'll have one more in 15 days which is half way to the way in, from a psychological stand point as I do sincerely miss carbs
Well there is a pizza place its like a 50 minute drive one way and I have to take special permission to go out of the mine site but I believe I kindaf deserve it.
I am trying to keep focus on the goal here but I really miss lifting heavy so I am planning for my post extreme cutting diet,a smooth transition into a 12 week bulking cycle then a 12 week "proper" cutting cycle.

I never thought I'd do this but yesterday I spent 45 minutes on the treadmill 4 mph at 3% incline and only stopped because my feet were killing me, I know its the ECA, but I feel generally healthier, leave alone the anaemia I have now which is causing extreme night sweats "t-shirt feels as wet as after 30minutes of HIIT" but I am on decent vitamins and minerals for the past 2 days and I do feel a bit better


I would advise against that. I cut weight for competition several times a year, so I'm pretty experienced with cutting water. Here's what you want to do:

-3 weeks out, increase water consumption to 2 gal/day
-2 weeks out, increase water to 3 gal/day. Start increasing sodium. This is easily accomplished by just making your meals saltier. Don't go crazy here. Cut carbs to as low as you can.
-3 days out, cut out extra sodium.
-2 days out, cut water to 1.5 gal, eat minimal sodium. I also switch to an all-shake diet on this day to reduce GI tract contents. Do whatever you have to do to take a nice big shit this day.
-Day before weigh-in (and day of up until you hit the scale), no water, minimal food. I use Atkins bars and nibble on them sparingly through the day. You can do your sauna, epsom salt baths, etc, this day. If you are dying for something to drink, suck an ice chip or a slice of lemon. You will feel like shit about half way through, especially if you sauna. Personally, I need eye drops on this day because my eyes get really dry. Don't go any longer than a day or day and a half with this or it can be pretty dangerous.
-After weigh in, rehydrate slowly. I use Gatorade and Anaconda.

Good luck!


Great advice HG thrower. Looks like a plan to me.

Will sure follow.



Good look bro, wheres ur mine field at? At what company u work for? I live nasr city, we should hook up and train 1 day!


also, if you were going to do the re-up day (ie pizza) then i would say do that and then afterwards do the total fast day. Your body will be at an amplified metabolic rate and you will burn alot quicker. kind of nit-pickey but i've had tremendous success with "cheat days" by doing my fast day after the pizza day as opposed to before it. good luck man, get paid


Good luck. Also, I'd recommend getting the day off for the day that you cut water and weigh in. Especially if you are actually operating mining equipment. I'd feel bad if I see on the news that some dehydrated dude crashed a loader and caused a cave-in or something!


Thanx for posting this HG, I am thinking of tinkering with water manipulation, and this is a good strategy for me to use.


Hi Marzouk I work for the Sukari Gold Mine in Marsa Alam owned and operated by Centamin an Australian miner. So I am practically 1000km south east from you now. I call Alexandria home but I go to Cairo every now and then may be we can catch up for a training session next month.

@HG Thrower,don't worry about it I am a Senior Management Accountant the biggest vehicle I am allowed to drive is a land cruiser and far away from the mine :wink:

@ Maximus B I knew this would benefit other people someway somehow LOLZ


Actually a great idea themanchild, my question is should it be a total fast or could it be a Greek yogurt every 4-5 hours fast?