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Company Wellness Checkup and BMI

So today I went through the company’s wellness checkup (height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, nothing fancy). At the end, the wellness advisor was supposed to look at the numbers and tell me how to get healthier. She got to my height/weight (5’8"/ 267 lbs), and as her finger went higher up the scale, she stopped, looked, and said “Wait a minute, you’re Anthony, aren’t you? They told me about you.”

Someone before me, when she was giving the speech about muscle mass throwing of BMI said “Well, wait till you see Anthony”. After that she told me she used to be a personal trainer, and we started making fun of people who go to gyms and work on their posing routines in the mirrors. Kinda flattering for an old guy; guess I’m doing something right.

Thank god. I thought I was going to have to rant about how stupid and ignorant BMI usage is again. :slight_smile: If I was my “recommended” weight based on BMI, I’d be carrying 3% BF. In a few more months, I’d have to have negative BF based on BMI.

That is refreshing.