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Company is going to BB10 - No Pandora, Cheapest Solution?


I have a BB7 phone for work and we're upgrading to BB10 devices next month. Pandora does not have an app that will work on BB10. I'm not going to get a personal cell phone for Pandora, but I would like to continue to use Pandora at the gym. The gym has free WiFi, so my ideas so far are:

1 - Find a used iPod Touch or other device that can run the app without activating a data plan.

2 - iPad with Bluetooth headphones. (I already have an iPad, obviously too big to keep on my person. I would lose the instant skip option and I hate BT headphones).

Any other suggestions? Slacker Radio has an app on BB10, but I already have a lot of stations that are dialed in to my liking and I pay for Pandora One so my heavy squat set isn't interrupted by Flo from Progressive's unattenuated screaming at me.


I don't use Pandora but I do have a BB Z10. From a quick google search I'd say your best options are:
a) sideload pandora: bb10 runs android apps natively now. Either sideload pandora directly or sideload snap and then DL pandora. Since this is a business phone, this may not be the best option
b) use pandora via the browser. Create a shortcut on your home screen for easy launching
c) DL Apollo, which appears to be a FREE third-party pandora app specifically for BB10


I didnt know that blackberry was still around, ~huh


Do this. I had a Z10 for a year and side loaded all the apps I wanted. Very quick, easy and I never had a problem. BB10 is similar to android and theoretically all the apps 'can' work on Z10.


Thanks, guys. My IT guy says that App World will only show company approved apps for download. I'm hoping sideloading will work or some form of putting the apps on my microSD outside of App World. We'll see...they've been talking about the rollout to BB10 for over a year. They'll probably be on BB12 by the time we actually get the phones.


Find a new employer.

Seriously, I thought my company was one of the last to switch to iphones except for the federal government. If your IT department is that far behind I would really start to question the leadership in the company. BB is a cash rich company that may linger for a while, but they are so far behind the market that a resurrection is extremely unlikely.