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Company Claims to Produce More HGH



"We are excited to present to you Vasperâ?¢, a patent-pending technology developed to enhance the overall wellness, vitality and fitness of its users through a twenty minute workout. Vasperâ?¢ affects the function of the human vascular physiology by combining

â?¢ Vascular Compression

â?¢ Core Cooling

â?¢ Electrical Grounding

This results in a shortened, low impact exercise routine with a marked increase in the bodyâ??s own production of endogenous Human Growth Hormone (HGH), a dramatic reduction in discomfort from sweating and a very quick recovery time. "

Just wanted to know what other members think about this. The concepts make sense to me, even though it just looks like an exercise bike workout. Compress the blood cells and the body produces HGH. Cool the core and you lessen fatigue. Maybe these concepts could applied in other ways.



In before Nards






Cool Cardio Machine. Basically it's a seated elliptical machine with stuff that won't make you sweat.

Fatties will love this.


Cool so let's compress our blood vessels as they are pumping blood to our muscles!!!

Seriously though, do people really need to put all this shit on, hop on some expensive as machine to stimulate lactic acid?


I need to make something like this or some other kind of stupid exercise equipment. I dont care if it works as long as I make a bunch of money.




I have invented one that compresses your head.

It's not doing very well.


Cheeky, I already have a few of those. Their called every fucking hat I've ever tried to fit on my enormous nugget.


Thanks for saving me the time of fishing that pic out. I saved it as AAAAA1111111 in my pics so I can find it faster next time!



Should I do this as with a 5/3/1 squat day or additional workout?


I have incorporated this as part of a strongman routine.

After my farmers walks I pick this machine up and see how far I can throw it.


Thanks for all the constructive replies. (sarcasm)

It's not the exercise bike that I am interested in. Its the concepts behind this sytem that I was discussing. I wanted to know if anyone has actually seen some of these concepts applied. Or if you guys think its logical.

  1. Does Core cooling make sense and should we use this more often to perform more work?

  2. Does Vascular Compression actually simulate more HGH being produced? Could this help older individuals who naturally produce less HGH?


Have you ever seen any Bodybuilding or ripped Eskimos?


Eskimos don't represent any of the concepts here. Not too great of an example.