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Compact Deadlift Platform?

My friend and I are looking to make a deadlift platform. We pretty cheap so would a 0.5 x 2.5m work well? I’ve never seen platforms this thin before. I don’t think it’d be an issue…

EDIT we are DIYing not buying this one. Just considering one this size

Do you have access to plywood/fiberboard and horse stall mats? Or some sort of 1.5 cm thick rubber? I built a full 2.5m x 2.5m platform for about half the price of the one you posted.

Sorry didn’t specify we are DIYing a platform. Just considering one that’s compact like this vs like a more usual 1x2.5m

Ohh, gotcha, that makes more sense. If you build one that small just make sure your horse stall mat is smooth. I didn’t and my bar bounces/rolls a little too much for a platform that size.

I will say my bar did roll off the platform once when I dropped it. I deadlift in a strip of my platform about 1.2m x 2.5m. Given that you’re significantly better at it than I am, you shouldn’t have much trouble with that size platform.

Could you just make the perimeter blocks higher so you have a lip to prevent rolling off?

Edit for clarity - I mean maybe build a border around the base. I don’t think it would have to be that sturdy, because the idea is it’s never tested, but just something to slow a roll in time for you to catch it.


Probably would be a good idea! Lucky for me it was only 315 lbs and not a max attempt or anything. It’s the only DL I’ve dropped since going to home training in 2017.

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Why not just get some rubber mats?

I use two peices of plywood and some old carpet. Total cost $15, like 8 years ago. Does the trick.

Yeh a wood frame would be effectively. Might not it need. Lifting on calibrated plates at my friends place so they don’t roll a lot but who knows what could happen.

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Current rubber mats on concrete u see in me vids right now are bit thin like 8-10mm I think. My mate is worried about his floor so we upgrading to some 15mm mats and putting together a platform because when I sumo they slide outwards even if I put weights on the ends

Surprised straight plywood wouldn’t have a million dents and divots. I’ll be using calibrated plates soo the weights all concentrated to a small point

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0.5mx0.5m rubber paver/tile mats (either 2.5 or 5cm) are very common in powerlifting gyms as deadlift blocks (as are 0.6mx0.6m). You’ve probably used them - that would be your reference.

If you haven’t used them, then they are very small but do-able. Buying 3 of these basically gives you a platform. If you want more space then buy 6.

Cheap piece of 10mm MDF underneath the tiles if you are really paranoid about the floor.

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Had the privilege of doing a split with about 75% max while warming up at a meet because of this…I can see why you want to switch it up. Maybe just 1 solid mat that’s the whole length of the bar and whatever depth you want would be optimal. You’re not in the US are you? If you are, or if you have a Tractor Supply Co near you, you can get a 19mm dense rubber mat for pretty cheap.

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That looks like typical Italian design. It looks pretty but won’t work most of the time. Find a place that sells supplies for horses - I know they must exist in Australia because you have plenty of horses. They should sell “Horse mats”, nice thick durable rubber matting made to deal with horses walking on them. They are made in 4’x4’ (About 1.3mx1.3m) and 4’x8’(About 1.3mx2.6m)


Put a thin carpet on top of the mats. Problem solved.

Most times the mats they sell at fitness equipment places are the same horse stall mats with the price jacked up.

Some hardware store sell same or similar mats, I have seen them at Home Depot and I bought one at Lowe’s.

He’s in Australia, so I’m not sure where to send him. I am not familiar with Australian stores. As someone else mentioned, in North America Tractor Supply is usually the cheapest.

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Yeah, good point. Don’t want him getting lost in the outback looking for mats and getting swarmed by dingos.

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Oh, there are plenty of dents and digits but it doesn’t really matter. I just flip the plywood every couple of weeks. They’ve been so smashed down over the years not much more to dent. I don’t drop the bar though, so its all within reason.

Good call on the calibrated plates to a smaller area though. Makes sense. My plated are old York from the 60’s and 70’s. Even have a few of the old “deep dish” ones that spread the weight out more.

Something like that would be perfect for every home gym owner looking to make up a platform. just a big slab of ultra dense rubber. I haven’t found any in stock in my searching. Think there was one mat that was close to what u describe 2x1m or something. Stuff sold out here due to COVID