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Comp This Weekend


Pulled my left quad on my first snatch attempt.

My record
Snatch X X X
Clean and Jerk X X X

I guess as far as the books go this counts as a bomb out.


Sorry to hear - hope you recover soon and get back at it! I suffered through a bad wrist -but at least it was ahead of time so I had time to mentally prepare for it.

Here's to better health and better lifts!


brutal man. hope the recovery goes well. make sure you're eating/supplementing right to speed the recovery.


it happens to the best of us. even immortal men like chigishev.


OP head up, recover and build back up. No point rushing it we all know rehab is a BAST but it has to be done.

But I've seen him pull the same muscle or similar injury 2 or 3 time now :frowning: I think it's a chronic thing for him :frowning:



I'm not so sure, it's possible he just didn't heal up between Europeans and Worlds last year. Have to see him compete again I guess before we know for sure, I'm hoping he takes as long as he needs to get healthy so he can smash some huge weight at London 2012.


Hopefully not also s he is one of favorite lifters!



It didn't bruise so i think it would be classified as a level 1 sprain. It has gotten much better day to day. I figure i will not do any leg work this week then go light next week. Its a minor set back.


aw, sorry to hear you had such a bad day. really glad that your feeling okay - injuries are no fun at all.


its happened twice now, but if you watch the videos, its actually on different legs each time!


I didn't realise it was a different leg.

Just hope he pulls through 2012 okay and lets it rip :smiley: