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Comp Rules Question


Technically two questions but unrelated. First is there a rule how high you wear a knee sleeve? As long as it doesn’t touch the singlet? My sbd s are like a year and a half old and stretched a bit over that time ago I like to hike them up. Second question is for sumo pullers. I’ve pulled in dc s since I’ve started and figured I should get a wrestling show since my total is getting pretty good. Would a .75" sole hurt sumo much? I know it won’t hurt getting lower I’ve pulled 625 off 2" deficit and 705 from 3" blocks. From the ground I’ve done 675 and barely missing 685 cause I lost balance. Looking for some opinions or people that have Made the switch.


My singlet (SBD) has somewhat long legs so I fold the bottom over so that it doesn’t touch my knee sleeves. I compete in an IPF-affiliated federation, the most particular about all small details, nobody ever said anything.

I hear SABO deadlift shoes are good, not too expensive either. If you have money to spare then the Metal PL shoes are another option. Haven’t tried either myself though.


IPF rulebook:
" When worn by the lifter in competition, knee sleeves must not be in contact with the lifter’s suit or socks and must be centered over the knee joint."

You got me wondering if I’m actually allowed to fold over the legs of my singlet
Under “non-supportive suits”
"The suit’s material shall be of a single thickness, other than a second thickness of material of up to 12 cm x 24 cm allowed in the area of crotch. "

I don’t know about other feds, but anything related to the IPF seems pretty determined to uphold the most trivial and insignificant rules, I should probably seek clarification on that.


I complete in the wnpfi for now so I assume they wouldn’t be as strict. I’ve seen them correct people with the singlet touching the sleeves. I just want to wear them a bit high. Though I do have a new second pair that I could probably break out now and will fit better.

As for shoes I was looking at Matflex 5s any thought on these.


I think this would be dependent upon who is either in the centre chair and/or who is technical control. I wouldn’t fold it over because I could see it getting called as not being a single thickness. I’d just pull the legs up a bit, like wrinkled rather than folded over.


That makes sense, thanks.


Last ipf meet I did, they were super lax with rules about gear. Saw many people with unapproved singlets, sleeves, one guy wore freakin Timberlands… Fold away lol


It’s hard to judge the shoes based on a picture, but they look OK. How does the sole thickness compare to what you currently wear?

There are guys pulling world records in Chucks so it’s hard to say how much of a difference thinner shoes really make. I use a pair of Converse tennis shoes, I’m fine with them but if I was going to upgrade I would go for the thinnest sole possible.


What country are you in?


Some on them is only like. 25" so about. 5"less than my dc s




I’d love to know what meet and when it was. We go over everything at every equipment check. I’ve seen people lose lifts and have to do them over because they were wearing a non-sanctioned singlet that had erroneously been approved at equipment check.

If it was a high school or college/university meet, they are not held to the same equipment standards. They may have changed for the college and university but generally they are considered school meets and can compete in shorts and t-shirt.


No school meet, was a full regular ipf meet but was mostly new people to the sport. We had the heads of the provincial powerlifting body there and they were helping people with dos and don’ts at a orientation the night before.

Concidering they were aware it was a meet with alot of new people, maybe that’s why they let shit slide? I conformed to the specs of everything when I got into the sport, not sure why others didn’t read the ipf rules.


I’ve got a pair of older Matflexes, they’re decent. I find the sole a bit off-putting though because it isn’t dead flat. I prefer chucks.


When you say not fully flat do you mean slight raise to the heal or something along those lines?


No, in mine there’s a gap between front and heel around where the arch is. It feels like that takes away a surface to push out against.


O gotcha. Guess I’ll have to see I ended up pulling the trigger and ordering them. Hoping I end up liking them.


If nothing else they’re a fantastically comfortable shoe overall. I sometimes wear them to train when I’ve finished squat or bench.


Wrestling shoes are great for sumo, usually very sticky and let you really drive those knees out to start the pull.

I’ll eventually go back to them when these rebook powerlifters bust ( shame they stopped making them )


Now to you guys would the .5" make much of a difference?