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Comp Prep, Pulsing, and ANACONDA

The protocol thread is now locked and my question was not answered, and I am very curious about the following, since I am going to use the protocol for a PL meet in January.

I’ve read Thib’s reponses regarding bodybuilding prep and the ANACONDA Protocol. My interest is using the product for a Powerlifting meet or Strongman Competition. Would the protocol go well with a lifter who needs to drop weight, or would it present problems with water retention? Also, on the day of a meet or competition would it be suitable as the primary energy source for an event running from 9 A.M. until 8-9 P.M. or would using a combination of Surge Workout Fuel, FINiBARs, with MAG-10 for Amino pulses be more advantageous?

I’ve made significant progress using a modified version of the Surge Workout Fuel and Surge Recovery protocol, and am more than a little anxious to get to work using the ANACONDA Protocol. Thanks for any and all responses.

WHat I’ve been paying attention to has been the instances where I can use Anaconda in place of where I would have used straight BCAAs a year ago, that being pre/peri-workout, and in spiking my water throughout the day, especially on low cal/carb days.

I would imagine that since your body can make use of BCAAs as fuel, that the Anaconda would serve in a similar manner (it is a protein source after all -lol). Dropping weight should be no problem as long as your macro numbers are sound. If you’re on a low intake day, 3 Finibars may be a little more carbs than you need.

As far as using the Finibars, SWF and Mag10 the day of the meet,… I’m not sure if you would need both the finibars and the SWF. I know Thibs pointed out that the bars were more advantageous to a bodybuilder (using them to carb up with), but I’m sure if it’s a matter of preference that you would be fine. Hell, I loved drinking my SWF with my Finibars when using an earlier protocol :slight_smile:


I’m not sure about a powerlifting meet, but I’d use Surge Workout Fuel and FINiBAR for a strongman comp since work capacity is as important as pure strength.

As for dropping weight, I believe Christian has mentioned that he and some of clients have gone essentially no-carb the rest of the day outside the peri-workout window when they wanted to drop fat fast.

Whichever way you go, spend plenty of time using the protocol in training before your meet to get a good handle on how you respond.