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Comp in March, Need Cycle/Nutrition Advice


What's Up guys, I'm real new to this site, but I'm not a rookie to the gym. I'm 22 years old, and I'm sure I'll probably get heckled by some of the more experienced senior members of the forum about this, but I really wanna try and get to my first NPC show, and I don't just wanna show up and dick around, I wanna win it, no matter what.

I would really appreciate some input from you guys on some ideas I have for this March 29th comp. Right now I'm:

22 years old
195-200lbs.. fluctuates Alot..
Body fat: 13-14%?? I'm not positive, You can check some of my pics and throw estimates out there.
Been training for about 7 years, namely through Football, Track and Wrestling.
Consistent training for 5 years.
Diet is a little shaky, I know what I have to eat, just hard to find time to cook em up. I HAVE used anabolic substances before. Namely Oxandrolone in pretty decent dosages.
Looking to be:
185-195lbs @ 6-8% bf, keeping as much size as possible.

What I was looking to do is to give myself a 12 week contest prep time, which would mean to begin prep the week of December 29th. Now since October is wrapping up, I figured I would begin a hardcore mass gaining stage now, and then start cutting around mid-January.

Mass Gaining Diet looking like:
3500-4000k cals/day
60% Protein
30% carbs
10% fats

Cutting Diet:
1800-2100k cals/day
75% Protein
15% fats
10% carbs

Also, I am planning on getting on some heavy gear.

I was thinking for Mass Gaining:

1g-1.5g Test E/wk
400mg Masteron/Wk
Some type of oral..Anadrol or Dbol possibly?

Then for Cutting/Leaning Out:

500-750mg Test E/Wk
200mg masteron/Wk
600mg Tren Triple Ester/Wk
35mg then peak up to 80mg Anavar/day (6 weeks out)
Clenbuterol (dosage?)- 4-6 weeks out..
ECA stack 3 weeks out if i'm not where i wanna be...

Sooo that's my intense competition prep/cycle.. I would greatly appreciate some input from you guys!!! (And sorry if I got too indepth lol)

Thank you!!


Well one thing I will say is don't focus too much on the lbs you will end up at when you are done, if you havent cut down far before you kinda have to just see where you land. From your estimates it looks as though you are hoping to lose 20 lbs of fat and gain 20 lbs of lean weight, taking into account fat/water loss etc. I would calculate what your current weight would be at the bf you want then add several lbs from the drugs, thats probably where you will land.

I would reserve the masteron for the cut phase, typically what I see if a big shift towards androgens (things that dry) and a decrease in aromatisables (anything that causes water retention) when moving from one to the other. I would instead split the tren between mass/cut phase as its better suited toward either purpose, unless you are afraid of running tren that long.

If you are planning on during clen and ECA concurrently, I would advise against it, thats just too much beating on your heart. One at a time would be plenty especially at the deficit you will probably be in.