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Comp in 24 Days, Need to Lose Weight


Here is the problem, my weight is 194 lb, and I have to be 185. Im competing after 24 days. ive lost a lot of weight over the last year and added a lot of mass on the way, iv´e been on a diet over the last month and I can finally see my abs! but i havent lost any weight!

Im getting a little nervous because Im new in power lifting and my numbers arent great so i want to compete in 185. the real problem is that i dont live in america and i cant buy anything in the store on TNation.

i want to get stronger but still lose weight, i know i can do it but i have to get the right diet, any suggestions ? i have to do it in about 20 days..


What weight class are you trying to compete at? There's no 185 class. The two closest classes to your weight are the 181 and the 198 lb. weight class. If this is your first meet, don't bother with trying to make any certain weight class, just go and lift. BUT, if you're that concerned about cutting weight, then go for it. Nobody's gonna stop you.

As far as losing weight and still getting stronger, it's nearly impossible. So with that being said, fuck it and just go into the competition and lift your ass off. Just my two cents.



A "cut" in this short of time is more so going to be about water weight than anything else. If you can get down to around 185-189 you should be good. Then just hit the sauna before the weight in to lose the last 4-8lbs. Day after the weigh in you should be back up close to 190.

The above only applies if you are weighing in the day before....

Good luck.


You could cut 9 pounds in a day pretty easily.


I've done the same thing, even though I'm new. Best article I found is:


The question that was asked earlier stands: day before weigh in, or day of?


He may be referring to the 83kg weight class which is approx. 183lbs depending on where he's lifting; the new IPF classes.

I'll agree with the other posters in that I wouldn't bother trying to cut weight if you're that new to the sport. Unless you're going for a qualifying total, there isn't much point. I've done meets super lean before and shit the bed.


Agreed, no use cutting weight if this is your first or second meet. In my opinion, no lifter should worry about cutting weight if they aren't already at a competitive level Nationally...but like I said, just my opinion. As well, no lifter should be cutting weight via water loss if they aren't already fairly lean in the first place. There's no good excuse for being a fat powerlifter and trying to cut 10lbs of water when you could lose 30 in bodyfat.

Continue with the sound diet. Keep non-training days fairly low carb, with carbs slightly higher on training days to fuel the taxing competitive cycle workouts. If you're not within one or two pounds the day prior then make body re-composition a goal next prep cycle and lift at what you weigh day-of.




IMO I wouldn't even bother trying to drop a weight class for your first meet. Just try to maintain your weight now so you don't go over for whatever class you're in now. And not trying to discourage you but at your weight it'll be hard to cut just because you probably don't carry as much water as someone like me for example. Good luck though and enjoy your first meet.


My mistake. I read this wrong. 24 days should be np. I thought it said 24 hours lol.


thanks for the advises! ill probably keep on doing the diet am on and then lose water weight before the comp!

sorry for my english! :=