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I want to do some exercise, because there are some workouts I really need to do, but I think they are so boring that I give up on them.

Squats are the best example. I find this to be so tedious and not having any effect, that I always give up on them. But I think if I got some people on a “Squat with me” / “Fitness with me” channel on a video telco platform (e.g Zoom, Teams, Jitsi, etc.), I think I would have greater will to do them.

I’ve searched the Internet for things such as this, but may be I am not into this fitness area enough yet and I am not searching for the right words, then I am not finding what I want.

Be it so, is there some resource as I described for getting people online exercising in sync with me?
Thanks in advance.

Hitching your wagon to another person isn’t how you build a strong squat.

If you want to lift with people, go lift at a gym where other people are present. Be consistent, polite, hard-working and friendly and you may end up with a great lifting partner over the long term.

You will miss many squatting opportunities waiting to find someone who wants to squat with you over a zoom conference.

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Squats are hands down the most effective size builder for me. When I squat big, I look bigger all over. Some dudes can build a big upper body without wheels, but I don’t think thats many or ideal. Once you master form, and this is important, then find a way to make it fun. Grinding out reps doesnt do it for me so frequently I throw in triples and max weight squats. I love popping 500+ for a single while the whole gym watches a manlet like myself in awe.

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So you want a coach, without it being a coach.

Want to rep out 20-rep squats with me? I’ll pick the weights.


LOL “no”. Thats the crap I hate, but its highly effective.

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What you’re describing kind of reminds me of Peloton classes, but for weight training. If my memory serves me, I believe they branched out into something like that and now offer more options for group fitness aside from just spinning.

It seems like it’d be difficult to simulate this online group fitness class with heavier lifting, but maybe that’s a service that’d really take off for those who have serious home gym equipment (power rack, bench, barbells, etc.).

In the meantime, if you find lifting kinda boring and would like camaraderie while doing it, you may want to just look for a training partner… or even hire a personal trainer who can help you find ways to enjoy the process. Maybe working out at a public gym would suit you better than training at home.

EDIT: If you don’t mind lighter lifting for super high reps, check out Les Mills ( which is basically a group fitness app that allows you to join all sorts of classes… one of which is called “body pump” and it’s absolutely brutal in a high rep, light weight way. I don’t recommend that for long term lifting but there are a lot of people who can’t get enough of it.

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I still do no not have weights and my main purpose for now is to begin. I already done some squats before, but always without weights. I think I am not still in the phase I would pick weights while squatting.

BTW, I do a non squatting parallel exercise, as I wake up, still before going out of bed, with a 5 liter round plastic bottle, consisting of:

  • 50 liftings with the right hand
  • 60 liftings with the left hand
  • 50 liftings with both simultaneously

The reason I do more with the left hand is because I am right handed in almost everything I do, so as I use less the left hand for every day stuff, I am compensating here with more reps.

But with this exercise, I feel the effort while I am doing it almost every rep. So much so, even I have to pause to regain the impetus to continue to the next rep. And after I am done with those workouts, I feel my arms straight and firm, like an iron bar! :smile: :smiley: :grinning:
This is diagonally opposed to the squats I do, which seem I am taking a bus idling the engine stopped, instead of displacing itself to go somewhere.

One of my goals is to have stronger, bigger glutes to have more performance while I am pedaling a bicycle. The other isto have a more attractive ass to women.
I have been fat during the pandemic, I had 99 Kg on January 2021, which was very alarming to me. I even had to get clothes the XL size, which is one size above the majority of my usual laundry size L, and for some things it was even the M size.
I had to do something about it. Then I changed drastically my food intake and discipline. Now I have 80~81 kg, but people like my mother and my sister now say that I lost and I have no ass.
I want to regain the shape and the size of my butt, but in a healthy way and not to be a meat roll, pardon a fat roll again.

Don’t lift to get the attention of women, it won’t work; as long as you’re not an overfat piece of shit, your time would be better spent developing a sense of humor.

Why are you not yet training at a gym? You would do far better with this than lifting water bottles.

Okay we can work with these! Check out this article on glute exercises at home. You don’t have to start with weight, but as you get stronger you’ll want a little extra resistance.

Here ya go: Build a Muscular Butt at Home


You know the reason why I do the exercise with water bottles while I am still in bed? Because I will not skip it!

This is in sharp contrast to going to a gym. Some years ago I was inscribed in a gym. The exercise I practiced the most was… you guess… skipping it! I think I would probably not be absent form the gym if I had nothing more to do in life, but I had to work.
I paid approx. 6 months of subscription and didn’t put my feet there for more than 10 days. Conclusion: it was a very stupid way of losing almost 300 euros. :rage:

BTW, I have a sense of humour, but a very weird one!

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This is true. Women would rather spend their time laughing with a skinny (or chubby) guy than being bored with a ripped fitness model.


Maybe you could blast your ass with a more exciting move like jumping lunges.

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I’m considered a pretty funny guy. “how you doin…” @Dani_Shugart

@Chris_Shugart don’t ban me please LOL


I love jumping lunges. Great finisher on a leg day or great little warm-up that’ll get your heart rate up.

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HA! The strong/hot ladies at your gym need to know this! Go say hi and tell them funny things.

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Alas… My wife wouldn’t appreciate it. Jokes aside I think you are spot on in your assessment. Good humor and a personality will carry you farther than chiseled abs. However this is a fitness forum and if you can strive for the total package go for it!