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Community College Training Courses


I'll be attending a community college in a few months and playing some junior college basketball. I've decided I want to major in something training related. What's the best way to go about this? This may have been touched on before but I couldnt find anything that answered my questions.

Should I focus on general education for the first few quarters? Or should I jump right into Physical Education courses and such. I would like to take a bunch of training related courses, but In order to transfer to a 4 year school and get a degree, I'll have to take general ed right now, correct?

Any help is appreciated.


Find out the classes needed to transfer to a four-year university or college for the major you are interested in pursuing. Your community college can print out the classes you should take if pursuing a four-year degree after getting your AA. Talk to the counselors.

More than likely, you will need many general education classes (certain amount of English, math, history classes, electives, etc.) In addition, you can fulfill your pre-req classes before you transfer so that you don't have to take them later.