🥇 Community Challenge: One-Arm Press Test

The Prize

First person to film themselves taking this test (pass or fail) gets a free item of T Nation apparel (US48 only).

The Test

  1. First, decide whether you’re a man or a woman. (Very confusing these days.) Now decide whether you’re an intermediate or advanced lifter.

  2. Based on the list below, press a dumbbell over your head with no leg drive, one rep for each side.

Advanced man: Use half your bodyweight
Intermediate man: Use one-third of your bodyweight

Advanced woman: Use one-third of your bodyweight
Intermediate woman: Use a quarter of your bodyweight

Note: This is a handy way to convert MOV to MP4 if anyone needs it: MOV to MP4 | CloudConvert You can also post your video on YouTube and paste the link here.

The Details

Info from T Nation contributor Chris Peil:

The usual standards for the seated overhead barbell press are:

Advanced men: One and one-fourth bodyweight
Intermediate men: Bodyweight

Advanced women: Three-fourths bodyweight
Intermediate women: Half bodyweight

If your standing single-arm pressing is out of sync with your seated barbell press, then your core stability or your shoulder stability (or both) are letting you down. That’s risky. Just make sure you’re super-strict with the single-arm press. Any leg drive to get it moving will be very misleading.

If your single-arm press lags far behind your seated strict press, prioritize that movement in your overhead assistance work.

More info HERE.


Done with 60lbs at 170lb bodyweight. Video incoming

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:trophy: Made that look easy! We’ll drop you a note soon about how to claim your prize.

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Nice! Definitely looked like you had a lot left in you!

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When trying this test, guess I’m gonna be a female first - but relax, I’m not going to post the vid…

*steps on scale*

I’ll see if I can dredge up a 105lb dumbbell somewhere.


I’ll be honest. I tried it as the advanced lifter with 100lbs (half my body weight) and failed. Granted my shoulders are beat up, but with no leg drive I just couldn’t do it.


I’m identifying as a woman today.


I got the right side up with no leg drive but, the left side needed a little umph.


So strongman brian shaw and other 400lb men should be able to one arm press with no leg drive a 500lb db? Correct? If you consider this to be advanced…

That was the standard for a barbell press. And Shaw and other strongmen are typically carrying a ton of extra body fat. It doesn’t scale perfectly. Advanced single arm was 1/2 body weight, which Shaw can actually do.

Ahhh. I see my mistake… you referenced 1.25 for seated BARBELL press for advanced… bodyweight for intermediate. Sorry.

I don’t even think my left arm could figure the motion out. He’s over here doing his own thing


I did 100lb with right arm. I’m right at 200lb bodyweight. I’ll try left this weekend when i do shoulder workout.



Awesome! Sending you a T Nation hoodie too! Check messages.