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Were getting there man.




Com-Prop art clearly has a distinctive style once one can recognize it...I see it all the time in adverts in the San Francisco area, likely not a stretch with all the so-called "art"-schools in the area...Check out this example...Can I get a "Duh"?...


Absolut hope not.






Obey the Chosen One.


Big Bama is watching.


I would prefer a candidate who asks me to think.


Evidently we are expected to believe that an Obama administration will result in U.S. warplanes replacing their bombs with flowers. Daisies, not daisy-cutters, I guess.

Now that would be a change.


not to go off topic here,
what is so wrong about communism.
why is everyone afraid of it?

I have heard my whole life about how horrible the commies were and how we were always fighting against them
I am wondering WHY?

this is a real question I have little idea about what it is or its ideals.


Often when people bring up Communism, they actually mean socialism, not Communism. Communism is supposed to be a government free utopia where everything works perfectly. And socialism was only the temporary state where the government simply ran things until the communist utopia sprang up.

Socialism is a government control of pretty much everything. The basic philosophy is from those with means to those with needs.

Actually sounds very nice. Everyone working together for the common good of our fellow man. Everyone living in harmony. (Listen to the words from Imagine. It is essentially the Communist manifesto. And I like listening to that song.)

The problem is it just does not work. George Orwell originally was a believer, but as he researched it, he made a 180 degree turn. And 1984 was how he saw communism. (The publisher refused to let him call it 1948.)

The examples are everywhere of it's failure. The problem is while it seems like it is giving power to the people, it is actually centralizing power into the government. Taking that power away from the people.

The problem is when the system is set up so that the government has so much power, somebody like Stalin can step in. Everyone knows about the Holocaust in Germany, but Stalin killed more people in Russia then the Holocaust did.

Then there is chairman Mao. His great idea was to make everyone equal, and his shining moment was the day he gave every citizen equal pay. Ever single person in China finally was to be paid the exact same amount no matter what they did, or even if they worked.

The next day a third of the population quit working.

It is believed that his government has resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of Chinese.

But we should not forget Che Guevara. The guy venerated on so many liberal T-shirts. He helped Castro take over Cuba, and helped make it the shining beckon it is today. I don't think so many would be willing to wear those shirts if they knew homosexuality was one of the reasons to be put to death. (Che ran those nice death camps.)

The arguments for socialism are quite enticing. Everyone wants to help people, and if you don't believe in the ideology, you must hate people, be a bigot, or some other evil incarnation.

But when a system is put together that takes (punishes) those that produce, and gives (rewards) those that do not, you can see how it can fail.

Socialism is simply government sponsored codependence. It is the good intention that paves the road to hell.

When you see an 800+ pound person who cannot get out of bed, the problem is not just that they are eating too much. Some good intentioned person is supplying them with food.

They think they are helping, but by giving that person the 35 donuts he is going to eat for lunch does not actually help. As long as the person is confined to a bed, the "helper" should practically force the person to be on a diet, and if he wants any more, he has to get out of bed and get it himself.

Many of us here know to help the person learn to eat right, and exercise. Not buy tons of crap, and feed it to the person just because that is what they want.

When you see a social program, ask yourself is it designed to help people learn to "exercise", or are we just giving them "donuts"?


You have NO freedom under communism. Everything is monitored and regulated. Everybody, not affiliated with the communist party is poor. You cannot choose what you want to do for a living. You cannot choose what to buy, you cannot apply for a better job. You cannot say what you want and you damn sure cannot criticize the government. You cannot go out a buy any large ticket items with out approval from the government. The list goes on forever. There is nothing right about it. Humans were wired to do for themselves, communism requires you do for the government. You work for nothing, in other words.

I am here because my parents escaped from communism. The key word is 'escaped', they were not allowed to leave. They had only the clothes they were wearing when they declared asylum in Canada. Muchas Gracias Canada!




Che was a bad guy?! Who knew!


"Re-distribution of Wealth"


Our days are numbered people.