Anyone else have this problem? My girlfriend is a big mouth around everyone except me, where she is like the complete opposite. Around other people she gossips about everything and around me she only talks if I ask her a question. This makes it really hard to carry on any sort of conversation and is starting to annoy me. Any suggestions on why she is like this?

My girlfriend is always badmouthing me to her friends in her e-mails. i know cause we share the same mailbox and I see the replies she gets. Ans it’s stuff she never even mentions to me.

Dump the loudmouth! You don’t need that b.s!

Hey sounds like you don’t have a problem at all. I wish my girlfriend would shut the fuck up.

Well, I don’t really think you want to hear all that gossip now, do you? Perhaps she only has gossip to say and with you she realizes that you wouldn’t be interested. Maybe she has nothing much else to talk about, in which case-----do you really still want to be with her? It sounds like you’re not too thrilled with her anyways.

Fucking C**TS. youre damned if you do, and damned if you dont. Treat em like shit and they will never leave you. Treat em with love and respect, and they are as good as gone. GO figure.

Unger is correct. You shouldnt be interested in her bullshit anyway, unless maybe youre gay. You should be into fighting, sports,training, and porn if you want to be a T-man.

MDLM: I agree with you, but I think the girls that are like that have issues anyway so *uck them.

-around me she only talks if I ask her a question

You, my friend, have found the perfect woman.

Veljko, you chauvinist male pig! ;-))


Veljko - :-))))))))))))))))))