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Common Sense, Wherefore Art Thou


Listen, if you are a newbie and you catch yourself making statements like,

-"Hey guys, I weigh 140lbs at 6'2" and my gut sticks out after I eat now that I am getting in 6 meals a day, should I start dieting?"


-"Do you have to gain weight to get big arms? Mine are 13" around right now and I weigh 135lbs but I want them to be closer to 20" but I don't want to have to buy new pants."

Please realize that you were apparently born without common sense and either need to buy some from a dealer or return yourself for a newer model.

This also applies to those who only train twice a week because they fear overtraining even though their intensity level matches the occupants of the average hospital Maternity ward. Oooh, and don't forget the ones who claim they only gain fat when they eat more food as if they don't understand that you are supposed to work hard enough to promote a "fight or flight" response and by not doing so, all of that extra food sure as hell won't be going to muscle tissue.

Some of us didn't need specific lessons in things like this...but then, some of us actually looked at the world around us and did some observations that covered these areas long before we knew how to log onto the internet.

This has been a public service announcement. You are now returned to your scheduled programming including news stories designed to make the populace live in a constant state of fear.


Common sense is not so common Voltaire


Hey professor don't forget the ones who finds the BB'ers fat in the off seasons 'yuck gross'.



Fuckin' disgusting...


Quit spouting off fallacious bullshit and get your skinny ass back to the LaBuff thread.


We currently live in the information age. Part of the underlining 'truths' is that we need LOTS of highly detailed information to make appropriate decisions; and that those with the MOST information will make the best decisions.

Sadly there are many out there who have picked up on this and make a handsome living convincing people (ie: consumers) they cannot achieve anything without their guidance.

Now, some of you might be thinking these folks are idiots for falling for this, but the fact remains the media is probably one of the most powerful and relentless institutions. After constant bombardment it's not inconceivable to think some might begin to doubt their "common sense".

As great as modern technology is I'm glad I lived life before the internet really took off. Back then you didn't have 27/7 access to articles or authors, so when you came to a cross road you had come to your own conclusion and make a decision. 'No' they were not always the right decisions, but to realize this we still had to stick to whatever decision we made long enough to see if it worked. Now there are many who look to skip the whole 'experience' part and rely on the knowledge of 'experts'.

While I agree there is something to 'standing on the shoulders of giants', these 'giants' are not gods. If you have a particular situation that they've never faced they'll be forced to take an educated guess like the rest of us blokes. No more no less. But I digress...

To get back to the subject: yes, reading a few books and articles on the basics is a sound investment, but bodybuilding (like most things in life) is a personal journey for each individual to explore, enjoy (and possibly conquer!). Empower yourself and become your own expert.


I have a friend who swears he knows all he needs to know about BB and he then complains about not getting any bigger. He works out with me and gains 15 pounds in two months, all the while telling me "what he does"...This is why I like to train by myself...


Agreed. It takes someone "special" to think you get that damn big while maintaining a constant sub-6% body fat level the entire time while also using diuretics 24/7 365.


Prof X, you make a good point, but I have a serious problem with this thread nonetheless.

The title sucks.

Why does it suck?

Well first of all, I'm assuming it's an allusion to the famous line from Romeo & Juliet, "Wherefore art thou Romeo?" But you misspelled "Wherefore." Strike one.

On to point two. "Wherefore" doesn't mean "where," it means "why." (It's the interogative analogue to "therefore.") Strike two. What was it your high school English teacher told you? He told you this: Juliet wasn't asking where Romeo was. She was asking why the hell Romeo had to be Romeo, and more to the point, why he had to be a Montague. After all, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose / By any other word would smell as sweet."

So the title fails on multiple levels, but good points all the same.


Romeo was a closet homosexual and Juliet was a Frisco dyke. The love story was a sham. Unfortunately, Shakespeare died before he could make the sequel to Romeo and Juliet entitled, "Oops, that hole doesn't satisfy me at all" which was actually a comedy.

Now you know...and knowing is half the battle.


Well, my high school English teacher definitely skipped over that part of the story. I guess it doesn't speak too well of public school, but hey at least now I know.

Back to the topic at hand - are you saying that I'm going to have to gain weight to get 18" gunz? What if I get too big? I don't want to get to big, cause I might not be able to see my hawt abz. I just wanna have 18" gunz and hawt abz, all without weighing more than 155lbs.


Look at the big brain on schneider! How dare you correct Professor X!

Meet me at the bike rack...sir...

  • Adam


So I work out at the university rec center here at school. There are about 7-8 guys who are really serious and train regularly.

I saw one today in line at Wendy's, sorta gave me a good feeling inside.


Because he was at Wendy's or because he is a guy?


I wouldn't dare correct him when comes to an issue of bodybuilding, but I'm just as irked by such solecisms as the esteemed professor is irked by some 135 pound teenager complaining that he can't gain weight on 2000kCal a day.

I see something like that and I just can't help myself. I start ranting and raving about grammatical minutiae. I know I've got a problem, and admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

By the way, you probably should have used a question mark when you wrote, "How dare you correct Professor X!"

So there.

Now, I recall you saying something about a bike rack....


(It bugged me too.)




How do you guys incorporate drop sets into your workout? I was thinking of adding them to my squat and deadlift on my my leg days. Any advice would be helpful, thanks.


Interesting post.

But you are a doctor so what is common sense to you is likely well above anything that can be considered common sense to most.

Even your family thought you well harming yourself with the way you ate and trained (forgive me if I'm wrong here but I do remember a post a little while ago about how things got easier once you moved out). The point is that those who supplied your genetics AND your upbringing didn't have the same common sense as you. You came by it elsewhere so to imply your knowledge is something easy to have is a mistake - you've earned it and try not to forget that it took a while to get it.

Newbie's don't have your understanding - if they did, they wouldn't be newbie's. It can be frustrating at times, but that's the nature of helping others - they don't know what they don't know so they think they know a lot.


After spending some time answering posts on the beginners forum I really appreciate this.

I'd ask the mods to make this a sticky in the Beginners forum but one of the main things I learned from posting there is that the beginners never read the stickies before posting! One newb couldn't even find the stickies and asked that someone post links to them [/facepalm].