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Common People?


how big are the "common ppl"?

i mean, here in italy:
- girls aren't fitness oriented, ie it's hard to find muscolar babes or "sporty girls"..

-guys are: fat or skinny. the main sport is soccer or basket or tennis. no one in the "common folk" do serious lift training...

this is the "common" rule... and in your country?


common folk in the US are obese or working towards it.


really? also younger people?

here the trend is quite the same.. a strange think about italy is that we always come after USA... just wait 10years (or less...a lot lesser) and we act as you acted ...


here in England the 'common people' sound about the same as over there, except we have paler skin and bigger beer guts. It's a winning formula...

I think I'm right in saying we're second only to America in terms of fatness per capita. Woo-hoo! En-ger-land En-ger-land etc etc..


I think the latest statistic for obesity in the USA is something like 65%. But, each area of the country could be more or less that figure. I know that where I am from I would bet that about 70% to 75% of everyone is overweight.


Just have to add another country to the list. Here in Sweden people are still quite fit imo, especially younger people, but the society is decaying quickly and obesity is really on the rise. Nothing compared to the US though.


Anyone have any stats on average BF% for Americans?? I'd be interested in seeing the average for male and female of different age categories.


especially ypung girl :slight_smile:
i love sweden :stuck_out_tongue:


'Overweight' is a very bad measure of fatness, as it based on Body Mass Index. The vast majority of readers here are considered 'overweight' by those standards because we carry a lot of muscle mass. Heck, even Brad Pitt is overweight by that standard.


Are you saying soccer and bball players aren't fit?


In Australia we have a fair few fatties as well. Might be the diet most people eat but I'm going out on a limb there.


Here in Cali things look a little brighter. Most 18-30 year olds I know aren't fat. They're either skinny or really skinny (with or without the 20-something-partier-potbelly) or lightly muscled. I have a small bone structure and am 6'4'', 220, 12% and my non-training friends call me 'big'. I say "no I'm not, not yet at least" and they say "yea dude, you are". I think that the general populace considers anyone with any degree of noticable muscle mass is 'big'.

The girls here are hit or miss. The average girl has a bit of 'partier' blub on her belly but is not fat. If they workout with any degree of regularity they usually look pretty damn good. If they workout intensely and on a regualr basis, fuckin' smoking!


I'm of the opinion that people, regardless of where they live, are generally lazy when it comes to physically exerting themselves and "mentally exerting" (i.e. discipline) themselves when it comes to proper nutrition. Sure, there are millions and millions of people everywhere that have very "physical" jobs, but how many of these people actually look completely "dialed in". Very few people in the world "get it".


Cadav...as an aside, I've been to Rome and Florence...absolutely beautiful places to visit.


no :slight_smile:
they are fit, offcourse. they aren't "big"

here there are also a lot of other sports.. on the coast for example windsurf, swimming and other. but im talking of the average ppl.

The average ppl here "look at", "talk of" but dont do a lot of sports.


thanks :slight_smile:
if you come here again don't miss Perugia and Assisi... and Venice also :wink:


"The average ppl here "look at", "talk of" but dont do a lot of sports."

This statement reminds me of the multitude of fat-bastard slobbish football 'experts' down my local pub. Speak to any of them and they'll all claim that they were on Man United's books before some mysterious and unfortunate injury prevented them from being the greatest player ever.


According to statistics, Canadians apparently have higher rates of overweightness and obesity people than the United States.

Yet when I go to the states, it's obvious that those numbers are fucked. I see more horrifically obese people in five minutes in Colorado than I do in five years in Alberta.

This leads me to conclude either:

  1. Canada and the States have different criteria for "overweight" and "obese" (at 190 lbs and 5' 9" I'm considered "preobese" by BMI, despite my fairly decently defined abs).

  2. The studies were not done very well.

  3. All the fat-asses are out East and thus I never see them.

I prefer to go with "3". :smiley:


Alternative 4: People in Colorado are way fatter than the rest of the US :wink:


Several years ago, my wife and I went to Anaheim/Disneyland. We kept asking each other "Where are all the fit people that California is supposed to have". Everyone... I mean EVERYONE seemed to be fat.

Barcelona was a different story...