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Common Injuries in Powerlifting Meet?

Are there any common injuries that happen in Powerlifting Meet that i should know about?
I went to a Powerlifting Seminar and one of the hosts say they broke three of their spinal disc and didn’t found out until his 3rd meet.
Anything i should watch out for? I will be competing for 4 National Records and 4 State Records so i think there will be 90% chance of me being injuried.

I probably wouldn’t be competing in such a risky sport

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Injuries happen … But they’re the last thing we think about when we step up to the bar. Not sure how you can “watch out” for them aside from making sure you warm up, pick smart attempts, and practice proper technique. I just read your posts and it says you’re 14… And while its awesome that you will probably set all the teen records in your federation I doubt you are at a point where you are lifting weights that will really put your CNS at risk. Injuries usually happen at very heavy weights because no matter how strong a lifter may be … There is still a human skeleton under there. In any case … You will be fine. Have fun.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
Picking attempts is hard. I don’t know what my body is capable of 2 weeks out from the meet. Any advice?

Opener - something you will never miss in a million years. Pick something you have hit for doubles or triples in training. especially the squat since its first and you will have nerves, make sure its a weight you can absolutely demolish with depth.

Second - depending how you feel about each lift. I would say either a 5lb PR attempt or something to bridge the gap between your opener and a PR attempt for your third.

Third- assuming you made your second, this should be a PR attempt. By now you should have a good idea of your strength for that lift on that day and you need to go for gold. Thats what you do this for.

What is your plan for the meet that you will hurt yourself 9 times out of 10? The only way I see that is trying to bench a 75lb pr on your 3rd attempt attempt. even then you probably wouldnt get hurt cause the spotters would get it.

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The most common injuries at meets are from tripping over people, rushing to get the lift completed before the timer goes off and not being properly hydrated.

I’ve seen pec tears, I’ve seem backs crack, I’ve seen arms broken, patellas ruptured, but you know what, these things happen off the platform just as well.

I’ve seen people roll their ankle getting off the dip station.

Don’t worry about getting hurt, just lift with proper technique and stay hydrated. If you get hurt, recover and get back to lifting when you’re able.

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This is an awful mentality. Why wouldn’t you predict a 90% chance of success instead? The guy who is going to beat you at this meet definitely is predicting that, if not more.

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