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Common for Some New Needles to Be Dull?

I use 25g 1” Easy Touch needles. These work pretty good and I usually don’t have an issue except for the occasional flub when I am a little nervous or something like that. My question is, is it common to get a few of them out of each bulk box that are flawed from the manufacturer? It seems that every now and then, the needle just seems “dull”.

What I mean is, usually the injection goes in fairly easily. Punctures quick and glides in. Every now and then, my skin will bow in and it takes seemingly more force to get the puncture, and I notice that there is a slight burn in the channel as it finally goes in. I’m thinking that this is maybe a burr or just some of the needles are just not as sharp as the others? Is this normal, or should I switch to a different brand that has better manufacturing tolerances?

As a side note, I do expel a nice drop of test from the tip before I inject to “lubricate” the needle. Also, even if I didn’t do this, easy touch touts that their needles are film coated so you should need to do this. I do it anyway, but I just wanted to get some of you guys thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


I have not found this issue with Nipro

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Does this look like it’s the right one?

Yes it does

Cool. Thanks you man. I was a little put off by this one because I could only find it at shopmedvet. I guess as long as they’re sterilized it doesn’t matter though?


You’re the man! Thanks bro!

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Thats the company I use.

Next time you should try the 29 gauge Easy Touch syringes, no dead space design.

I looked into 29g but couldn’t seem to find a 1” length in that gauge. I rotate quads and glutes IM so I need to keep that length as a universal, or keep multiple sets of needles (which I think would be more of a pain).